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Transform Stress and Burn Out and Embrace More Peace, Balance and Joy Every Day!



How Stress and Burn Out Impact Every Day Life!

Dear Energy Sensitives,

As a child I remember the carefree days of summer when I could play in the creek and woods behind our house or climb my tree and play with dolls or read a book as long as I wanted. Sure, I did chores and went swimming with friends, but what I loved best was having the time, space and freedom to just be.

Wow, did my concept of summer and downtime change as I grew older.

Once I started my career as a school librarian, I needed a master’s degree for certification. Instead of enjoying a long summer vacation, I attended graduate school in Denver for 3 summers. I loved Colorado and the mountains and visited them as much as my schedule allowed.

After I competed my thesis and graduated, my mom passed and that changed my life forever.

I was filled with grief not only about losing my mom but also because we’d planned that she would teach me to sew, cook and bake that summer. My way of handling my stress and grief was to keep myself busy, diet to the point of anorexia and exercise constantly.

I took being a conscientious worker to new levels as I disliked going home to my quiet, lonely apartment and instead remained at one of my schools (I worked at 3) until late and then spent several hours at a gym. The perfectionist part of me demanded I work this way for several years, until I burned out thanks to my self-imposed high expectations, increased demands from the school district and the emotional pain I experienced due to empathically taking on students’ problems.

I took a year travel sabbatical to Florida, but never returned. Instead I worked at Walt Disney World both employed by Disney and a student tour company, until the economy fell and took tourism with it. The stress of trying to get enough hours to make ends meet became too much and I decided to return to libraries.

I moved to Tennessee and became the new Coordinator of Children’s & Young Adult Services for a public library system. Since I’d never worked as a children’s librarian let alone supervisor, I was excited with this challenge and worked hard to succeed. However, when I became a defendant for an employee grievance case that went to trial, the strain of this on top of my already demanding workload proved to be too much.

I resigned and became a school library media specialist once again. Although I had a long commute to my school in rural Georgia, the drive relaxed me, plus it was fun teaching and telling stories to loving, receptive children.

That lasted for only a year because my partner, a computer geek, was recruited by Pixar and we moved to northern California. Since both of us had a strong work ethic and desire to succeed, the move was a drastic change and caused stress on our relationship. In order to work full-time for a school district, I had two part-time positions, 3 days as the library coordinator for the district and 2 days as an elementary librarian. As can be imagined, two-jobs in one for the perfectionist I was at the time made this job extremely stressful. Additionally since funding for the library program depended on a local voter proposition, not only did I work to improve the library program but also had to canvas the community for votes. Two years later, I was stressed, drained emotionally and physically from over-giving and over-working.  Burned out again, I resigned.

After a few months of rest and writing at home, I began subbing as a children’s librarian in local public libraries. I loved working directly with kids and parents and was delighted to be hired as a part-time children’s librarian.

Then, Dan and I ended our relationship and I was alone again.

Thanks to spiritual study and all the inner work I was doing on myself, I realized I had a choice. I could either make myself continuously busy, overwork again until the point of burn out to soothe my loneliness or I could make different choices. I could choose a way to create peace, balance and joy for myself every day.

After that – everything changed.

Now instead of just surviving one day to the next, I thrive with amazing experiences of love, joy and connection.

And Now I Teach Others How They Can Thrive Every Day too!

My name is Catherine Walters and I’ve been helping people find ways to transform their lives for over 10 years. In fact, people write me years after we’ve worked together telling me how they still use the tools and techniques I shared with them.

“Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experiences with me about business and relationship issues.  I so appreciate your honesty and caring about my well-being.  I may not always let you know how grateful I am to have you as my transformational life coach.  I am so blessed and love you because you are my beautiful, spiritual friend.”
– AF, Moraga, CA

I talk to people all the time who want to enjoy their lives without overwhelm, stress and dread, but they’re not sure where to start.

They say things like:

  • “I can’t wait until the weekend.”
  • “Only ten more days until vacation and then I have three weeks off, away from this grind.”
  • “If I can just get through the rest of the day without taking somebody’s head off, it’ll be a miracle.”
  • “I feel so pressured to get everything done. It’s impossible, but I don’t know how to say ‘no’.” (This can be at home, school or work.)
  • “There’s just not enough time in a day to do what I need to do.”
  • “I don’t know how I’d make it through the day without my caffeine fix (coffee, chocolate or sugar rush).”
  • “If one more person expects me to do something for them, I’ll scream!”
  • “I have to hide my credit card receipts from my husband so he doesn’t know how much I spent on my latest retail therapy spree. He always threatens to cut up my cards.”
  • “This is the first year without my ______. I feel so sad without them and I don’t know how I’m going to make it, let alone smile.”

If Any of This Sounds Familiar…Please Read On

I want to tell you about a way to enjoy more peace and balance every day no travel required.

I’ll tell you more about this virtual course in a moment, but first…I want to let you in on a little secret…

You Don’t Have to be Perfect to have a Happy Day!

Wow, what a concept, right?

If you had to be the perfect planner, organizer, mom, dad, student, teacher, supervisor in order to have a happy day – NOBODY would qualify because NO ONE is perfect.

Sure, there are people who are wonderful planners, organizers, etc, who are amazingly talented, but I bet if you asked them, they would tell you they are no where near perfect. They would point to the samples they tossed in the trash and say – “See all those that didn’t work?” And you would say, “Where? I don’t see anything!”

The point is, we all have our insecurities. We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t.

Most People are Good at Helping Others…

And by doing so, they continue to help themselves – flaws and all.

You Don’t Have to Be a Perfect Anything to Have a Peaceful, Happy Day

Maybe you secretly feel unworthy and you over-give to everyone else in order to feel valued or maybe you feel ashamed because you can’t keep within a budget

Or maybe you’re confident and super organized, so you’re not sure why you feel so overwhelmed, drained and exhausted when asked to take on extra projects.

Here’s what’s missing for most people . . .

What’s Missing is a Reliable System That Helps You Release the Old and Set New Priorities

In order to thrive every day, you need to have a proven system that can help you:

  • Find ways to balance your time and energy
  • Give to yourself and others
  • Take good care of yourself
  • Let go of expectations and traditions that no longer serve
  • Create ways to celebrate and nurture you and those you love
  • Manage your finances
  • Schedule commitments in a way that doesn’t burn you out
  • Develop a plan for delegating and involving your family in daily tasks


Since you and many people are experiencing more demands and expectations than ever, you need a system that shows you step-by-step how to create a peaceful, enjoyable and doable day, everyday.

Why? Because let’s face it.

Modern life is hectic and emotionally draining. Even if you believe in an abundance mindset (like I do) and that there’s enough money and time for everyone and everything – you still need to make sure you have the tools you need to create a great day and enjoy it too.

That’s why I’m so excited to offer this program to you.

Transform Stress and Burn Out and Embrace More Peace, Balance and Joy Every Day is a 6-class Online Training Program  That Includes:

6 – 60+ Minute Recordings where I personally take you through my entire Transform Stress and Burn Out and Embrace More Peace, Balance and Joy Every Day Program.


Here’s What We’ll Cover in the Course

How to:

  • prioritize your daily activities, keeping those you love and releasing those that feel like obligations.
  • set doable expectations so you can manage your and your family’s activities, even during busy holiday times, and tasks without over-doing.
  • keep giving to and spending on others in balance.
  • take care of yourself so you don’t fall into the trap of neglecting your own well being.
  • create the right mindset so you can experience more peace, love and joy in your life, whether alone or with others.
  • set up each day to be what you want it to be e.g. balanced, prosperous and peaceful.
  • create powerful inner and outer intentions for each day.
  • handle your “bad days” and still be there for your family and friends.

And much, much more!

Here’s What You Get:

  • MP3 recordings of  six classes, you can listen to at your convenience plus review any class as much as you like.

    Each class focuses on a different topic and provides tools and techniques to support you in handling that topic. Each recording is filled with priceless extras including: an Energy Activation, connection to the energy grid and group hypnotic guided meditations. These uplifting and relaxing hypnotic meditations are at the end of each recording, so you can listen to them again and again.

  • Class handouts.

  • Homeplay to practice the new tools.

    This is the same program that I charge over $3,000 for my private clients.  But because I want to help even more people enjoy every day instead of feeling like pulling their hair out or screaming at the top of their lungs, I am making this series more affordable in a virtual setting.

Plus, When You Sign Up, You’ll Also Receive the Following Bonuses:

I am going to include the following bonuses because I want you to have EVERYTHING you need to achieve even more success.

  • Bonus #1: Private Transform Stress and Burn Out and Embrace More Peace, Balance and Joy Facebook group.

    (Value: $197)

    I have created a special Facebook group for Transform Stress and Burn Out . . . members. I will check this private page regularly. You can ask your questions, share your “miracles” or aha’s, make comments, etc. Once you sign up for the program, you’ll be asked to ‘friend’ both me, Catherine Walters and the Guided Change Community, on Facebook and once you do, you’ll be invited to join this special group.

  • EXTRA Bonus: For those who Pay in Full, Complimentary Consultation with Catherine.

    (Value: $297)

    This is a fabulous opportunity to have private one-on-one time with Catherine to discuss the challenges in your life and the dreams you would like to manifest.

Catherine, How Much Does it Cost?

The value of this program and all the bonuses is $1,094, but I am offering this entire training for a fraction of that for :

only $247 paid in full


2  payments of $125


What could be better than that?

If you’re truly ready to put an (easy-to-implement) system in place to thrive every day, then now is the time to take action.

If you’re not sure if you’re ready because your commitment to yourself is not yet 100%, then this may not be for you and I totally respect and understand that. I remember being in that place of not knowing with every cell of my being if I wanted to jump in 100% – with both feet to commit to experiencing the holidays joyfully.

But if you are ready to make it happen, then I strongly recommend grabbing one of these seats now. I am intentionally keeping the group small so as to give each person individualized, in-depth attention, which means I must limit the amount of people I can let into the program. That’s not a sales tactic here – it really is the case, so make sure to secure your spot if you know you’re ready.

100 Percent Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

I’m so confident that you will be more than 100% satisfied with the Thriving Thru the Holidays Virtual Course that I’m providing a money-back guarantee.

If after the first class you feel you are not 100% satisfied with this program, FOR ANY REASON, you can let us know immediately and you will receive a prompt and courteous “No Questions Asked” full refund.

I know how powerful this hands-on training is when you put it into action and I will be here to help you every step of the way. I guarantee it! But if for some reason this isn’t for you, you’ll get ALL your money back. Therefore, there is No-Risk for you.

Transform Stress and Burn Out and Embrace More Peace, Balance and Joy Every Day!

Yes Catherine! I’m Ready To Receive  Your
 “Transform Stress and Burn Out and Embrace More Peace, Balance and Joy Every Day Program”
 and Start Enjoying every day the way I always wanted!

I understand I’m going to receive:

  • Six 60+ Minute Recordings with me, a 10-year veteran in the Transformational Coaching business where you will learn how to transform challenging, stressful days into thriving, joyful and peaceful ones.
  • Bonus #1: Private Transform Stress and Burn Out and Embrace More Peace, Balance and Joy Every Day Facebook group. (Value: $197)
  • And for those People Who Pay in Full: EXTRA Bonus: Complimentary Consultation with Catherine (Value: $297

Total Value: $665

100 Percent Satisfaction Guaranteed

Plus I know there’s no risk because of Catherine’s 100% Guarantee.


To Your Happiness and Joy Every Day!

Guided Change

P.S. Keep this in mind – the Bonuses alone are worth signing up for this program. People (only those who pay in full) receive a special opportunity to have private one-on-one time with Catherine.

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How do I Get Access to the Trainings?

When you sign up, you will receive an email with detailed instructions and log in information to listen to the recordings, ‘friend’ Catherine on Facebook and invited to join the private Facebook Group. You’ll be able to review the recordings again and again at your convenience.

How Long Will I Have Access to the Recordings of the Event?

You will have online access to these recordings for a minimum of one year!

I am “Technically Challenged”. Will This Affect My Ability to Successfully Attend the Event?

You do not need any technical skill to attend the event. It is very simple to log on to the calls and if you need assistance, I will have people standing by to help you.


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“Thank you for all of your love, support and teachings. I have learned so much form you. I now feel more accepting of myself and gifts. I feel more self-love than ever before! You’ve changed my life!”
– Meredith, Full Inclusion Teacher, Pt. Richmond

“THANK you for honoring your gifts and for the path you follow.  I am so blessed to have found you and love who I am, through my experience!”
– Virginia, Paralegal & massage therapist, Castro Valley, CA

“This is a season of true Thanksgiving.  The energy work is enabling me to do powerful things and experience everyday things powerfully.  Bless you!!  Love and light and grati-cattitude.”
– Greg, Retired law librarian and massage therapist, Castro Valley

“I felt so light and positive after leaving your talk. I couldn’t stop talking fast enough about it to my husband and then continued the conversation the next night with our neighbor.  I would like to reserve a space for the upcoming classes.”
– Sharon, Event Manager, Oakland