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There’s Magic Everywhere

Can you think of some times when you walked down the street, hiked in the woods, drove in your car only to sort of shake your head and wonder, “How did I get here?” So often it seems people get caught up thinking about some situation or challenge in their lives and miss the little, special, even magical things there are to see along the way.


In this week’s vlog, come join me in a magical place and see what’s there.



Comment below and tell me about some of the magical places you’ve seen so we can keep the magic alive and well in our world and make it a more peaceful and magical place for all.


  1. Judy Michel Shumate says:

    What a sweet magical spot you found. Thanks for sharing! When I was vacationing in Sedona a few years ago, it was a magical moment for me when I went to Boynton Canyon on a hike, met the “Flute man” who sends Reiki via his flute. If you’re lucky enough to meet him, he gives you a heart shaped rock. His music echoes through the canyon, amazing energy he shares as well. That was an experience I’ll never forget.

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