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A Proven Way to Release Stress FAST!

A few days ago I spoke with my friend, Jean, and asked how she was doing. She shook her head and said, “Cath, work is crazy-busy. I’m so stressed and my back is hurting again.” Jean is one of those people who is gorgeous inside and outside, yet she shared with me something I hear again and again from the highly sensitive people in my community: They’re crazy-busy and stressed about work, life and right now, the holidays! I share this because I realized you have been wanting to not only … [Read more...]

I Hit Rock Bottom…

Last Friday, I wasn't feeling joyful at all. Here's what happened...     Get support in getting back up and dealing with life. Email me at and I'll reply to you right away! … [Read more...]

How Can Yoga Be Stressful?

Most people think of yoga as being a relaxing, calming, gentle workout for body, mind and spirit, unless it’s a Power Yoga workout. But yoga stressful? No way! I’ve always relaxed in yoga classes until I started yoga immersion and teacher training and began to stress about yoga. Here’s what happened that really stressed me out in last month’s training at Yogakula. About an hour before lunch, Siri, one of our teachers, gave us an unexpected in class assignment. We counted off into … [Read more...]