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Are You On Your Calendar?

Now that you’ve hopefully given yourself permission to do more self care and fill yourself up, you’re ready for the next step. Actually doing it. We can have all the best intentions to do something, however, if we don’t take our commitment to ourselves seriously, the Universe won’t either. That means that all sorts of things can come up, like an unexpected dental appointment, birthday party with gift needed asap, a last minute meeting called, whatever, and your best intentions go by the … [Read more...]

Self-Love from a Blade of Grass (Video)

  What can you possibly learn from a blade of grass?   And what does it have to do with Self Love? Watch my video below and find out.     When you love, honor, respect and accept yourself, so many AMAZING possibilities can happen for you.   After you watch the video above, I would love to know what resonated with you about what I shared. How do you scale on Self-Love... 1 - 10 (highest)?   Please share in the comment section below or email me directly at … [Read more...]