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How to Stop Worrying and Let the Divine Handle It!

Some of you may have noticed my post about participating in the New Living Expo recently. It was such fun to have the opportunity to meet and work with a number of people doing energy healing sessions. A friend recommended I try to participate in the Great San Francisco Crystal Fair this month. So, I contacted the organizer, Jerry, about doing so. He didn’t have any spots  left, but said he’d let me know if something opened up. About a week later, I got an email that three new spots had … [Read more...]

Does Setting an Intention Really Work?

In my last post, Why Is Everything So Hard, I recommended that changing your language to the positive helps and it does. So does setting an intention. Now if you’ve set intentions before and they didn’t seem to work, you may want to say forget it and stop reading. Instead, I ask you to let me share a quick example. On the last weekend of April, I had a booth at the Bay Area New Living Expo. This is one of the biggest and oldest expos of its kind and I was super excited and nervous … [Read more...]

Why Is Everything So Hard?

Do you ever make a work project harder than it has to be? Do you make a challenging situation or stressful event even more complicated? Do you overthink a problem hoping to find a solution and instead keep going in circles? When learning something new in a subject that’s typically difficult for you, do you expect it to be hard? I’ll be honest, I do sometimes. I’ve taught classes and given talks about changing negative words and thoughts to the positive. When I speak, I’ve become … [Read more...]

How to Call Off a Mini Panic Attack!

Recently, I was connected to Zoom and ready to interview author and creativity expert, Dr. Eric Maisel for the upcoming Joyful You Summit 2. I could see on my back-end system that Dr. Maisel arrived and we could talk with each other, but I couldn’t see him on my screen. Since this had happened with other speakers, I asked him to click on the video camera icon. He clicked several times, but it still didn’t work. Hmmm, something else was obviously going on. What to do? Eric and I did our … [Read more...]

I feel so silly sharing this . . .

A few Sundays ago, after Reiki training and a week of solid rain, I went for a walk on the paved paths around a local lake. With all the rain we’ve had lately, the lake is full and feeds a lovely, restored waterfall. This lake is a popular spot for birds who migrate and common ducks alike. From a distance, I noticed two mallard ducks who looked like love birds as they sat beak-to-beak. I was captivated by them and pointed them out to a mom who walked the perimeter while her kids zoomed by on … [Read more...]

Is Your Sleep Revitalizing You?

In my last post, I shared ways to jumpstart your day on a positive note. This time, we’ll focus on the other bookend  - ending the day on a positive note so you sleep deeply all night long. For many of us - energy sensitives, intuitives, light workers, earth angels - falling and staying asleep can be a real challenge unless we have a set routine we can relax into. Why? Unconsciously, most of us are hardwired to be on guard and hyper aware of what’s going on around us.  We use our … [Read more...]

How to Shift From a Crappy to a Happy Mood!

Do you ever wake up still feeling tired or in what I call a crumball or crappy mood? Maybe you didn’t sleep well, went to bed later than usual, or your child was sick and interrupted your sleep, worried about money or something at work or any other gazillion possible reasons. My mom used to tease me saying, “someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed.” It’s been my experience that the way to do this isn’t modeled to us and instead we’re told to “snap out of it” or “get over … [Read more...]

How to Transform Stress into Power!

I came home from the gym on a recent Friday afternoon to discover my power had been turned off because my neighbor didn’t pay his utility bill. Grrrr! So why was my power turned off too? I immediately contacted the power company and was told this was a problem for my landlord and that until my neighbor’s bill was paid, the power would remain off. Obviously that wasn’t going to work. I checked with my neighbor who told me he couldn’t pay his bill until he received his disability check … [Read more...]