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What You Can Do When Life Throws You a Curve Ball

There’s no doubt about it... unexpected, out-of-the-blue, disruptive or surprising events are called curveballs. They seem to come out of nowhere like a child feeling fine one moment, then throws up the next, a flat tire when you had your tires rotated the week before, losing your keys or getting locked out of your house or an airline cancels your flight at the last minute. The big question for all of us though is how do we handle it? Can you accept it, switch gears and go with the … [Read more...]

How Do You Climb Out of a Light Worker’s Deep Dark Hole of Despair?

Okay, I know this isn’t a fun topic for sensitive people and light workers to read about, though I promise there is Light at the End of the Tunnel! Has it ever seemed like the Universe is working against you? Let’s say one or more of the following happened to you: - your long term marriage or relationship ended suddenly; - your landlord tells you they’re selling your building and you have to move out of your apartment immediately; - your job, which had been the bright spot in your life, … [Read more...]

Synchronicity or a Sign? How Do You Know the Divine Are There?

As humans, we can often feel alone, unsure, lost, disconnected, unsupported and abandoned by family, friends, ourselves and even the Divine. Other humans, including those closest to us, can let us down. However, the Divine never do, though from our limited perspective it might seem so. Yet, how do we know the Divine are there for us? They give us signs all the time. When things happen the way we want, we say it’s a coincidence, serendipity or synchronicity instead of understanding that … [Read more...]

I feel so silly sharing this . . .

A few Sundays ago, after Reiki training and a week of solid rain, I went for a walk on the paved paths around a local lake. With all the rain we’ve had lately, the lake is full and feeds a lovely, restored waterfall. This lake is a popular spot for birds who migrate and common ducks alike. From a distance, I noticed two mallard ducks who looked like love birds as they sat beak-to-beak. I was captivated by them and pointed them out to a mom who walked the perimeter while her kids zoomed by on … [Read more...]

What to Do with Mistakes?

Let me ask you a question. Which of these do you give more attention: a) The compliments you receive for the kind, caring, sweet, generous, loving things you do? b) The big or small mistakes you make? If you’re like most people, myself included, you tend to focus on the mistakes you make while compliments barely create a blip on your radar.  A professor of social psychology at Florida State University, Roy F. Baumeister, captured this idea in the title of a journal article he … [Read more...]

I goofed . . . felt stupid and ashamed!

(Another Joyful You 2 Summit behind-the-scenes story). A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing former Miss USA, Terri Britt, for the upcoming Joyful You 2 Video Summit. I just love Terri and so respect and value what she has to say that I’ve invited her to participate on all my summits and lucky for us, she said yes each time! Terri and I have such fun when we’re together that we get excited and talk a mile a minute. After she fixed a slight video glitch and I said a prayer, I … [Read more...]

Worried and Anxious About Our Country and the World? [Video]

Are you worried, anxious, concerned about the future of our country and the world? Many people are. In this brief video find out what happened, or didn’t happen, when I interviewed David Hoffmeister, a modern mystic, about this topic for the upcoming Joyful You Summit 2.   5 Tips to Focus Our Intention and Attention During These Changing Times: Breathe - Remember to breathe.   Be in the present moment - Worry, fear, and doubt take us into the future and the … [Read more...]

Quick question for you . . .

I’m doing a quick study and wanted to know if I can ask you a somewhat intimate question . . . My question is this . . .  Do you feel even the tiniest bit guilty when you take a day off from work, because you’re sick, whether it’s a cold, the flu, or a much needed mental health day? I ran into one of my neighbors, Kathleen, a few days ago in the middle of the afternoon. Since she’s usually at work then, I asked how she was doing? She mentioned that she’d been sick earlier that week … [Read more...]

Is Your Sleep Revitalizing You?

In my last post, I shared ways to jumpstart your day on a positive note. This time, we’ll focus on the other bookend  - ending the day on a positive note so you sleep deeply all night long. For many of us - energy sensitives, intuitives, light workers, earth angels - falling and staying asleep can be a real challenge unless we have a set routine we can relax into. Why? Unconsciously, most of us are hardwired to be on guard and hyper aware of what’s going on around us.  We use our … [Read more...]

This Is How to Get Back Into the Flow Now!

Does this end of the year seem more challenging than other years? Are you finding that things are coming up again that you thought you completed already, back in your face? If so, I’ve put together a short video with some tips to help you get back in the flow fast. Click the screen above to listen in... I'd love to support you in making 2017 a fabulous year rather than a repeat of 2016. So email me at and let me know you’d like a complimentary … [Read more...]