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Do You Feel So Lost and Alone, You Just Don’t Give a !@#$?

Sometimes your spirit can feel so lost, alone, hopeless, down or depressed and wonder what’s the point of it all? Who care’s anyway?  I have. Dark thoughts of suicide entered my mind though I never went so far as to figure out a way or create a plan as to how I might do it. But, when life seemed unbearable, I certainly considered it. Hopeless and in tears when the negativity and energies were so heavy and dark, I’d scream to the Divine and say, “I need you to either help me or take me off … [Read more...]

I Hit Rock Bottom…

Last Friday, I wasn't feeling joyful at all. Here's what happened...     Get support in getting back up and dealing with life. Email me at and I'll reply to you right away! … [Read more...]