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Do You Need to Release Stress Fast?

Any time can be a stressful time though the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s can be the most stressful time of all. In addition to our regular daily life, the days and weeks leading up to, including and after the holidays can be tremendously stressful for everyone. That’s why I was guided to create a series of super short videos, about 2 minutes each, yet each containing a simple and effective stress busting tip.  Tip # 1 - Take Ten Breaths Yep, that’s it. Research by AIS, The … [Read more...]

Would You Like to Be Able to Relax More?

It seems we’re all crazy busy on normal days yet with the holidays approaching, life gets even more hectic and stressful. Our ’to do’ lists get longer as we prepare for holiday gatherings, parties, decorating, shoppings, traveling. The list goes on and on. Yet, I’d bet, in most cases, taking time to relax in these most stressful times is probably missing from our lists. I’ve already noticed that my classes at my gym are smaller while traffic everywhere is heavier. Talk about stress. As I … [Read more...]

Enjoy the Holidays Without Stressing Out?

For many of us, women especially, enjoying the holidays without stressing out sounds like an oxymoron. Just about impossible. I know it was for my mom for she stressed and worked herself to the point of exhaustion every Christmas. How? She baked 35 or more varieties of cookies, nut and poppyseed rolls, and fruit cakes. Sure, our family enjoyed some of these goodies, though many were given as gifts. My mom also went wild in decorating our house and made sure that every table top, … [Read more...]