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How Do You Handle Saying, “Good-bye?”

Yes, I know you want to delete this or run in the other direction for this is a topic we as humans don’t like to talk or think about. Why? Because it hurts too much and makes us sad. Believe me, I know, for it took me 5 times to try to record this and that never happens. Either I choked up, my voice cracked, or the words wouldn’t come. Then I asked my Divine Friends to speak through me and They channeled this vlog. They encouraged us to step into and through the pain of … [Read more...]

Are You Feeling Stuck and Want to Get Moving?

Whenever you’re feeling stuck and want to get moving, here’s a great way to get going and back in the flow. Clear out your physical space. When you’re moving to a new place, whether it’s across town or another state like I am, the less you have to move the better.  Most people don’t realize how they’re old stuff weighs them down, holds them back and actually over time becomes a burden. Everything is energy. So, the more we hold onto things, the more those things have a hold on us and our … [Read more...]