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How to Stay Focused Even When the Fears Pop Up

As you probably know I plan to move to Spokane, WA quite soon. Yet, even as I prepare to move with clearing out, shredding, and organizing what seems like a gazillion tasks, all of a sudden out of the blue, different fear thoughts pop up. Many of you are also super sensitive to energy and pick up on negative emotions like fear, worry, anger, shame, guilt of other people and the world around us. Those lower vibrating energies can definitely take us sideways. But what happens when it’s our own … [Read more...]

Clear Vision

  If my clear vision for my cat can transform him in this way, then how powerful can my vision be with my own life? Listen in on what I'm talking about and how this changed my perspective.     If you need help discovering your clear vision of what you want in your life so you can take steps to begin to have and live your vision, send me a quick email at and I'll get back to you soon. … [Read more...]

How to Create Your Clear Vision So You Get What You Want! Part 3

In Part 1 of this series, I shared a process on how to create a clear vision and in Part 2, I shared easy research steps. Now let's dive deeper. Let me tell you what went behind my research and visit to Sebastopol so you understand how I was able to achieve such positive and helpful results.... so you can too. Here’s a quick recap: My initial research showed Sebastopol looked good on paper. So a visit was the next step. Yet, how would I know moving there was potentially right? My … [Read more...]