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Does Your Mind Spin Out of Control? Here’s a Relaxation Tool.

Do you ever find your mind spinning? It’s almost like a runaway train that latches on to one fear or worry thought and then takes off and it’s out of control. This can happen almost anytime though it’s common when we’re trying to fall asleep or when we wake up in the middle of the night. What to do?   First, when I’m aware this is happening, and yes, sometimes we’re clueless because it’s such an ingrained habit, I tell my mind aloud, “Stop. I’m not going there.” Then, I … [Read more...]

How to Stay Focused Even When the Fears Pop Up

As you probably know I plan to move to Spokane, WA quite soon. Yet, even as I prepare to move with clearing out, shredding, and organizing what seems like a gazillion tasks, all of a sudden out of the blue, different fear thoughts pop up. Many of you are also super sensitive to energy and pick up on negative emotions like fear, worry, anger, shame, guilt of other people and the world around us. Those lower vibrating energies can definitely take us sideways. But what happens when it’s our own … [Read more...]

Do You Tap Into Drama or Peace?

When something horrible happens in the world or when gossip spreads like wildfire at the office, do you find yourself getting sucked into the drama around you or can you connect to the peace and calm inside? It can be quite challenging to stay calm when the media, friends, co-workers, social media - almost everyone you know and everywhere you turn all you see and hear is people talking about what’s going on, how terrible it is, what’s going to happen, etc. Finding our own inner peace can … [Read more...]