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How to Feel Lighthearted, Joyful and Energized Each Day

Are you feeling depleted or running on empty? Do you remember how you were taught to share and give to others when you were a little child? I do and yes, it is wonderful to give and share with others for it makes us feel good, valued and needed. However, there’s a missing piece, an x factor, that we were not taught. This means the equation is out of balance unless you also give to yourself.   During a yoga meditation intensive years ago, I heard from deep inside of … [Read more...]

How to Clear Out the Old Year to Amp Up the New Year!

Do you ever find yourself sometime in the middle of January writing the past year’s date on a check, journal, ledger or note? I have and suspect some of you have too. I’ve realized when I write the incorrect year, I’m not fully in the present year or that present moment. It’s as though a part of my consciousness is still connected to or even stuck in the past. Yet, we know from Eckhart Tolle and many spiritual teachers that the power is in the now, the present moment and this is where … [Read more...]