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Does Change Always Have to Feel So Hard?

As you know from the famous quote by Heraclitus, “The only thing that is constant is change.” How do you feel about change? While some people get excited and like it, many do not. Did you know that when you decide to make a change, every one and everything around you feels the ripple effects of your decision? Yes, even your pets and plants experience the ripple effect of the changes you make. Pet owners who feel strongly connected to their four-legged pets know that their pets … [Read more...]

Are you around this week?

Hi Quick story for you . . . At our last Sacred Women’s Circle, we explored the 1st or Root Chakra. (In case you’re unfamiliar, chakras are energy centers in the body.) One activity we did was massage and connect with our feet, ankles, knees, legs, hips and tailbone as those are the body areas the Root Chakra covers. As I massaged my feet, I noticed how sore the bunion below my big toe was. (I knew this was caused by a new pair of sneakers I use for walking and jogging.) We then … [Read more...]

How Do You Feel About Change?

Do you embrace change or do you resist it and want everything to stay the same?   Since change is the law of nature, it's a constant. I share how you can look at nature to show us how to go with the flow.     Look inward and check in with your own inner guidance. So there you can find the inspired action and your next steps. However, doing that on your own may seem intimidating. You may not know how to do that if you haven't done it before. You may not know where to … [Read more...]