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Are You On Your Calendar?

Now that you’ve hopefully given yourself permission to do more self care and fill yourself up, you’re ready for the next step. Actually doing it. We can have all the best intentions to do something, however, if we don’t take our commitment to ourselves seriously, the Universe won’t either. That means that all sorts of things can come up, like an unexpected dental appointment, birthday party with gift needed asap, a last minute meeting called, whatever, and your best intentions go by the … [Read more...]

How Can You Create Magical Holiday Memories?

For many of us the holidays can be quite stressful for they take us out of our normal routine and in contact with family members that are great at pushing our buttons. And yet, the holidays are special for we create traditions and memories for young and old alike. This happened to me recently. . . I unexpectedly took a walk down memory lane while walking in Emeryville on the night of the Tree Lighting Parade and Ceremony. It was a crisp, clear night with magic in the air, especially on … [Read more...]