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Larry Shiva, Catherine's catI was reminded of the importance of a good night’s sleep recently when I attended a hypnotherapy conference. I roomed with a woman I met through our professional association who didn’t realize she snored.

Being a light worker and clairaudient, even with good earplugs and headphones, I could still hear her snoring. I asked her to roll over, but she never heard me.

Now we know sleep is essential for a good night’s rest as it helps brain and body functions, aids learning and memory, maintains our energy, mood and overall good health. (As a side note the reason we crave sweets and caffeine when we’re sleep deprived is because the lack of sleep impairs our body’s and brain’s way of absorbing glucose.

For all of the reasons above and also because as a I light worker, I know how important it is to have sufficient rest, I decided to try to sleep in the bathtub, the farthest place away from the snoring.

Now you may be wondering why sleep is so essential for light workers.  Have you ever noticed some days you awaken feeling even more tired than before going to bed?

That may be because as a light worker, you work at night during sleep to fulfill missions you have in various other places on the planet and elsewhere. Additionally it’s the time when your being integrates, assimilates and processes what’s been absorbed during the waking state.

Since a bathtub isn’t the comfiest place to sleep, I used the healing and spiritual practices listed below to help me benefit from the hours I did sleep. They worked for I managed to sleep enough so my energy level remained high throughout the conference. I was able to concentrate, felt cheerful and had fun.

Sleep Suggestions for Light Workers:

Feel free to use as many of the following suggestions each night, as they can help you receive extra benefits during sleep.

* Meditation. I often fall asleep by repeating a mantra and slowing my breath. As the Dalai Lama has said,

“Sleep is the best meditation.”

* Reiki. I find Reiki to be one of the best and most soothing sleep aids.

* Hypnotic tools anyone can do. Here are two of my favorites: 1st) Most nights before I fall asleep, I tell my subconscious mind that I want to wake up feeling as though I’ve had 10 or 12 hours of sleep. Since the subconscious mind doesn’t know time, we can distort time. I love this and use it often. 2nd) I do a progressive relaxation gradually relaxing every part of my body, usually from feet to head. In the bathtub, I also imagined or hypnotized myself into believing that I was sleeping at home in my cozy bed with my cat, Larry Shiva, cuddled next to me.

* Ask to go to an inner earth temple or ashram of an Ascended Master during sleep. In these sacred places you receive any healing you might need or learn new lessons.

* Ask the archangels to work on you as needed. AA Raphael clears blocked energies that prevent us from opening to our unique gifts; AA Gabriel completes our night’s assignment especially when we awaken abruptly or to an alarm. AA Metatron helps us make subtle energy changes in the way we channel light.

* Night Diary.This doesn’t actually improve sleep, but helps you remember the inner guidance received during sleep or upon awakening.  It’s good to have a notebook and pen nearby at these times when we’re most open to hearing, seeing or feeling Divine wisdom.

Sweet dreams.

Love & blessings,



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