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Shift Overwhelm to Calm in 3 Easy Steps

My Divine Friends guided me to share three simple steps to help you regain a sense of peace and calm whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed, panicked or ready to ‘freak out.”

If you want to use this in some way, the Steps are:

1) Breathe,
2) Focus on the present moment
3) Ask yourself, “What’s one mini-action step you can take?”


  1. beautiful!!! so simple and effective!

  2. thanks

  3. Thank you, I often find myself in these type of episodes living in this house of negative crazies.
    This is a wonderful process that I sure will do.

    • Catherine says:

      Hello Evelyn, My Divine Friends are smiling and are thrilled you’re intending to put their simple process to use and encourage you to do so often. Blessings, Catherine

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