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Ideas for Topics of Transformation for Private Sessions

What areas would YOU like to transform? What does YOUR HEART SELF want? Any topic for transformation is fine. Here are some ideas:

Self Transformation:

  • identify your needs for nurturance; Self-care!
  • identify your unique gifts and talents, your self-identity
  • increase your self-respect, self-acceptance, self-love
  • increase your sense of personal power and balance
  • heal your inner child issues, fears, negative beliefs, confusions; have a positive outlook

Health Transformation:

  • relieve your stress, overwhelm, and anxiety, also re: fear of change
  • relieve your pain
  • improve your sleep and wellness
  • achieve weight loss

Relationship Transformation:

  • improve your relationships w/ partner, family, friends
  • find more time, patience and wisdom for your children
  • release old wounds from this life or a past life, experience emotional healing
  • feel more connected, feel more seen, feel more mutual love
  • establish/hold good boundaries
  • get the support you need!

Work/Service Transformation:

  • find your motivation and passion!
  • improve your handling of work stress and commitment pressures
  • improve your handling of challenges with co-workers/boss
  • create a satisfying balance of giving and receiving

Spiritual Transformation:

  • open the door to miracles!
  • identify your soul longings
  • increase your communication with Divine wisdom and Divine beings
  • find more inner peace, inner direction and balance

Life Transition Transformation:

  • experience Grace and ease through a layoff, retirement, or move
  • find an exciting new job or career
  • discover where you get stuck in moving forward!

Prosperity Transformation:

  • find time to be more creative, have more fun!
  • increase your income, reduce expenses

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