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  • Canfield, Cheryl  Profound Healing
  • Churchill, Randal  Become the Dream
  • Churchill, Randal Catharsis in Regression Hypnotherapy
  • Churchill, Randal  Regression Hypnotherapy
  • Curtis, Chara M All I See Is a Part of Me
  • Goldberg, Bruce  Secrets of Self-Hypnosis
  • Johnson, Crockett  Magic Beach
  • McGill, Ormond, scribe Grieve No More, Beloved
  • McGill, Ormond  Seeing the Unseen
  • Tebbetts, Charles  Self-Hypnosis and Other Mind Expanding Techniques


  • Haberly, Helen Reiki: Hawayo Takata’s Story
  • Hay, Louise: You Can Heal Your Life
  • Horan, Paula:  Empowerment Through Reiki
  • Koda, Katalin: Sacred Path of Reiki
  • Miles, Pamela:  Reiki: A Comprehensive Guide
  • Mitchell, Karyn:  Reiki a Torch in Daylight
  • Quest, Penelope: Reiki for Life

Other Treasures

  • Aron, Elaine The Highly Sensitive Person
  • Atreya, Prana The Secret of Yogic Healing
  • Ban Breathnach, Sarah Simple Abundance
  • Beattie, Melody  Codependent No More  and others
  • Bryne, Rhonda  The Secret, The Power
  • Cameron, Julia The Artist’s Way and others
  • Castle, Victoria  The Trance of Scarcity
  • Ealy, C Diane  The Women’s Book of Creativity
  • Eden, Donna  Energy Medicine
  • Hall, Judy The Crystal Bible
  • Hay, Louise  Heart Thoughts, How to Heal Your Life, etc
  • Hicks, Esther & Jerry Ask and It Is Given
  • Judith, Anodea Wheels of Life
  • Myss, Caroline Anatomy of the Spirit and others
  • Orloff, Judith Emotional Freedom and others
  • Peck, M Scott The Road Less Traveled
  • Roman & Packer Creating Money
  • Roth, Geneen Women Food and God
  • Sark  A Creative Companion and many more
  • Scovel-Shinn, Florence The Wisdom of Florence Scovel Shinn
  • Slater, Jean:  Hiring the Heavens
  • Stone, Joshua David The Complete Ascension Manual: How to Achieve Ascension in this Lifetime and others
  • Tolle, Eckhart  The Power of Now and others
  • Virtue, Doreen  Archangels & Ascended Masters

Books for Younger Children

  • Bang, Molly When Sophie Gets Angry, Really, Really Angry
  • Berger, Barbara  Grandfather Twilight, Gwinna
  • Everitt, Betsy Mean Soup
  • Blume, Judy The One in the Middle Is a Green Kangaroo
  • Burningham, John Cloudland
  • Cazet, Denys  Daydreams
  • Child, Laura   I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato
  • Gackenbach, Dick  Harry and the Terrible Whatzit
  • Grindley, Sally  Knock-Knock
  • Henkes, Kevin  Chrysanthemum
  • Howe, James  Horace and Morris, But Mostly Dolores
  • Lester, Helen  Hooway for Wodney Wat
  • Lionni, Leo  Frederick
  • Lionni, Leo  Swimmy
  • Martin, Rafe  The Boy Who Lived with the Seals
  • Munsch, Robert  Love You Forever
  • Shaw, Charles  It Looked Like Spilt Milk
  • Silverstein, Shel The Giving Tree
  • Van Allsburg, Chris  Polar Express
  • Washington, Donna  Big, Spooky House

Books for Older Children

  • Bauer, Diane  On My Honor
  • Devakaruni, The Conch Bearer (series)
  • L’Engle, Madeline  A Wrinkle in Time (series)
  • Lowry, Lois  The Giver (series)
  • O’Neill, Mary  Hailstones and Halibut Bones (Poetry)
  • Park, Linda Sue  A Single Shard
  • Paterson, Katherine  Bridge to Terabithia
  • Saint-Exupery, Antoine de The Little Prince
  • Silverstein, Shel  Light in the Attic (Poetry) and others
  • Viorst, Judith If I Were In Charge of the World and others