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Overwhelmed by Mother Nature?

Wow, Mother Nature has certainly been busy lately with all the extreme weather we’ve had around the globe – two powerful hurricanes, huge earthquake, raging wildfires, floods, record breaking temperatures.

As caring, sensitive loving women, we often find ourselves overwhelmed by everything that is happening around us especially when we have no control over it.

However, what we do have control over is our response to the overwhelm and instead of focusing on all the ‘bad’ things that are happening, focus on our actions. The one action we do have power over is our own breath. Because we do, in this post, I share a favorite and simple breathing/imagination practice I call, Conscious or Intentional Breathing.

(If you’re viewing the video, for your safety please do not do this practice with your eyes’ closed. You don’t have to close your eyes to do it, though often to learn it, it’s easier).


Conscious or Intentional Breathing

Here are 7 Easy Steps (this can be done in 1 minute or less if you like and can be done anytime, anywhere). One of my favorite places to do Intentional Breathing is in bumper-to-bumper traffic. It calms me down and when I send it to other drivers, things seem to change magically around me.

1. Before we begin, it’s good to have a starting place. So, first close your eyes and simply notice your breath in this moment. Is it deep, rapid, shallow? Are you breathing into your upper chest only or into your whole belly and chest?

2. Scan your body and notice where you’re holding any overwhelm, stress or worry. These are all things to notice, NOT JUDGE.

3. Next, think about the positive ways you’d like to feel… peaceful, calm, relaxed, safe, serene, etc.

4. With your next inhalation, breathe deeply into your full belly and chest and say, “I breathe in ___________ (quality you want).”

5. With your exhalation, breathe out fully and say, “I breathe out anything that is not __________ (that quality).”

Example: Inhale, “I breathe in peace.” Exhale, “I breathe out anything that is not peace.”

6. Do this as many times as you like with different positive qualities until you feel more peaceful and relaxed.

7. When you feel complete, offer this to everyone on the planet, “May everyone, everyone on the planet, experience these feelings too.”

I’d love to hear how this works for you, so please email me at and let me know.

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  1. As simpel as working!
    Thank you so much. You have a very intelligent and peaceful face! Congratulation and Blessings!


  2. Judy Michel Shumate says:

    Thank you Catherine, what a great reminder. If we feel the fear creeping in, we can do this exercise anywhere to “let it go!”

    • Hi Judy,
      Thanks for taking the time to respond to this post. I know you’ll use it and you bet, it’s a tool to use anytime, anywhere. Love & blessings, Catherine

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