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One of the Fastest Way to Bust Stress

During the crazy busy holiday season or anytime I know, by checking my calendar and ‘to do’ list, that I’m going to have a super busy, highly stressful day, I have a super fast way that supports me in staying calm, cool and collected.

Now, some of you may have walked by this fabulous stress buster when you waited in line at the grocery, health food or nutrition store for I’ve seen little bottles of these busters there.

What am I referring to?


Flower essences!

Similar to essential oils, flower essences are super effective, non-toxic, herbal combinations that support core issues like stress, mental attitudes, emotions, spiritual values and help to restore balance to those areas. They’re designed to help transform highly charged emotions, beliefs, habits, or patterns of behavior that don’t serve us. This is a huge support for those of us who are highly sensitive to energy, negative people and environments around us.

Dr. Edward Bach, a physician trained in both western medicine and homeopathy, popularized these essences which help people and our four-legged companions as well.

I’m not recommending a particular brand or form of flower essences, you can easily Google them, but I will say that I’ve used flower essences in some form or another for years. They come in various forms like tinctures, diffusers, and even gum. As a highly sensitive person myself, I find them to really help me through a stressful day and truly do keep me balanced and calm.

Here are great ways to use Flower Essences:

  • Put several drops in your water.
  • Apply to chakra or acupuncture points.
  • Spray or mist the air with them – your office space and all around your home.
  • Put a few drops in your bath water.
  • Add a few drops to beauty products.
  • Put a few drops of stress relief type essence in your pet’s water, food or put on hands and rub their paws and ears.
  • Add to essential oils you use to give them a little something extra.
  • When doing Reiki, massage or any other healing work, rub onto your hands.
  • Spritz on bed linens and folded laundry.

Let yourself use your imagination when it comes to flower essences for Reiki. There is really no wrong way to use them and their use is only limited by our imagination.

I would love to know how these suggestions work for you… so email me at and let me know.

Wishing you a relaxing and peaceful holiday season filled with love and joy.

Love and blessings,


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