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No Rules? Are You Kidding Me?

IMG_0247I mentioned in a previous post about participating in an online retreat for women called, Women Unleashed.

Wow, was it powerful and boy did I need it.

How could I tell I needed a retreat?

One, I was less enthusiastic and motivated about working on my business and doing things that really needed to be done.

And two, I procrastinated by doing dishes, cleaning my apartment, clearing out emails, sweeping leaves outside, doing laundry . . .

Plus, it was really hard at first to give myself permission to take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour to participate in the retreat. I felt guilty because I wasn’t accomplishing or completing anything on my ‘to do’ list.

That said, I really needed this time for myself because after being so focused on my business and yoga training, I felt drained and just needed to give to me.

The cool thing was the leader, Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici, encouraged all the women to play, reflect and literally told us there were NO RULES. We could listen to all the speakers or just part of one session, do the art work with markers, crayons, paints or glitter. The only piece she strongly encouraged was having a retreat journal that would serve as a container for our notes, drawings and reflections.

What I discovered is I really enjoyed this ‘no rule’ approach for it allowed myself to relax into the process, choose what sessions appealed to me, stop the recording when one didn’t fully participate in drawing sessions that before this would have set me running. Amber’s no rules approach helped me listen to my inner wisdom and do what I was intuitively guided to do.

And it was FUN!

I don’t consider myself an artist at all, yet because there were no rules, I followed the process and didn’t have to make it perfect. I could draw anywhere, use colors that spoke to me, color outside of the lines and freely express myself.

It was so freeing!

I’m sharing this experience with you because I know you’re a superwoman or superman and you take pride in keeping everything under control, accomplishing tasks, completing projects under budget and before their due date. You push yourself to be and do your best in every area of life and have high expectations for what you can and are supposed to do.

I do too, and yet, having an hour a day when you can slow down and have no rules is so renewing, refreshing, and liberating for your body-heart-mind-spirit and releases tremendous stress.

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Love, blessings & JOY,


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