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My Life Is In Shreds

Well, my life isn’t exactly in shreds, though with moving it looks and feels that way to an extent.

shredYou see, as I prepare to move to Spokane, one of the first steps is shredding all those ‘important’ papers… you know, bank and bill statements, tax and financial records, business documents, health records, insurance forms, etc.  

This preliminary step is huge for me and almost everyone. As someone who’s highly sensitive to energy, I keep the day-to-day clutter to a minimum, though inside my file drawers and plastic bins, it’s a different story.  I have to admit, I’ve accumulated and held onto these so-called ‘important’ papers for years in case I might need them some day. 

Now with the move, do I really need or want to keep tax and business records from ten years ago?

Of course, the answer is a big, “No.”

Yet, throwing them out or shredding them isn’t as easy as it sounds for this stuff tells our life story and shows who and what were important in the past.

In this vlog, I share my experience about shredding those papers and how it felt to be basically shredding up my life. 



Imagine being able to start the New Year on a fresh note by clearing away all the ‘important’ papers you no longer need. Even though you may not realize it consciously, these papers weigh you down and even block the fabulous opportunities and abundance on their way to you. You deserve to have all your dreams yet need a plan and space for them to come to you. Remember I’m here for you when you’re feeling stuck and would like to make a change.  Email me at and we’ll set up a time to chat and help you create a plan so you can release the old and get your energy moving forward.

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