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How to Transform Stress into Power!

IMAG5798I came home from the gym on a recent Friday afternoon to discover my power had been turned off because my neighbor didn’t pay his utility bill.

Grrrr! So why was my power turned off too?

I immediately contacted the power company and was told this was a problem for my landlord and that until my neighbor’s bill was paid, the power would remain off.

Obviously that wasn’t going to work.

I checked with my neighbor who told me he couldn’t pay his bill until he received his disability check two weeks from then,  didn’t have anyone who could help him and just shook his head for he had no idea what to do. (My neighbor has addiction issues).

A repairman working on our property that day had already told me my landlord was on vacation, so he couldn’t help either.

Talk about stress! I felt angry, frustrated and ready to scream! Yet realized that wouldn’t solve the problem.

So, I went into problem solving mode instead.

First thing I needed to do was get the power turned back on which meant I’d have to pay my neighbors pricey electric bill.

Since he had great difficulty managing the power company’s automated phone system, I made the calls, spoke to agents, paid the bill, and then called another number to get the electricity turned back on again. This whole, stressful process took over an hour and a half out of my work day!

Then after I ate a very late lunch, I took further action. I emailed my landlord and my neighbor’s son informing them about this situation. When I didn’t hear a response from either one on Monday, I wrote to them again. This time I received responses and promise of support.

I am sharing this with you because many of us believe that when we’re stressed, we need to rest, relax and slow down. That may be true in certain situations.

However, as you can see from this very real incident in my life,  another way to relieve stress is to claim your power and take action. While I was in action mode, I kept myself calm by taking deep breaths, repeating my mantra or Ho’opono pono.

If you’re feeling stressed and could use some help managing the stressful situations in your life, email me at and we’ll create a plan to manage your stress levels.


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