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How to Feel Lighthearted, Joyful and Energized Each Day

Are you feeling depleted or running on empty?

Do you remember how you were taught to share and give to others when you were a little child?

I do and yes, it is wonderful to give and share with others for it makes us feel good, valued and needed.

However, there’s a missing piece, an x factor, that we were not taught. This means the equation is out of balance unless you also give to yourself.


During a yoga meditation intensive years ago, I heard from deep inside of myself this command or words of wisdom, “Give from your overflow; not from your source.”

Wow, did that make me stop and think about I’ve been giving to everyone else my whole life! I realized that to give from my overflow, my extra, that meant I needed to fill myself up first.

What a concept!  What that looked like at that point in my life, I didn’t have a clue.

This next week without judging or criticizing yourself, I encourage you to become more aware of your energy.

Note when and how often you feel:

* unmotivated, like you could spend the whole day in bed

* drained or depleted

* empty or unfulfilled

Imagine feeling lighthearted, joyful and energized each day instead of feeling depleted and empty because of all the commitments and responsibilities on your plate. If you are creative, empathic, intuitive or highly sensitive to the outside world, you can easily become drained, depleted, burned out and depressed. This doesn’t have to be the case, honest. Take it from someone who’s been there and now awakens excited for the day and during the day keeps her cup full to overflowing and still gives to others.

I’m here for you and would love to support you with this – my calendar fills up quickly with these calls as I only have limited slots. So, be sure to email me at for your FREE Joyful Change Breakthrough Session this week!

I’ll be back in the coming weeks to share some simple ways and tools so you can start or consistently fill yourself up and give from your overflow.


  1. Robbin Irish says:

    Hi Catherine,
    Thank you for sharing this message. It is just what I needed in my life right now. I’m so looking forward to the tools your going to share in the coming weeks. I appreciate you so much.

    • Hi Robbin,
      You’re welcome. I’m thrilled the message hit the spot for you and thank you for the feedback. It really helps to know so I can focus on areas where soul powered women need and want support. Love & blessings, Catherine

  2. Zaneta Garratt says:

    love ths Catherine, it is very true, such excellent advise-thanks

    • Catherine says:

      Glad you get it Zaneta. I trust you’ll give yourself permission slips daily to fill yourself up to overflowing. Love & blessings, Catherine

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