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How Old Is Your Soul?

Do you know what baseball cards, comic books, Star Wars memorabilia, land, stamps, books, stocks, gold and silver have in common?
Yes, they’re all collectibles and increase in value as they age.
Yet it’s often considered impolite to ask anyone in their middle age, how old they are. In fact, you may be taking your life in your hands.
Kids have the opposite response to the same question. A child under 10 answers specifically, 4 and a half or 7 and three-quarters. Kids can’t wait to be a decade old, 13, a teenager, 15 to get a permit and 16 so they can drive, 18 to vote and 21 to drink legally. Young people brag when they’re still carded over 3o.
It goes downhill from there for most people. We don’t discuss age, especially once we hit the big 40, 50, or more. Then once someone is 75 or more, once again we honor their age as they get older.
Instead of pretending to be an age we’re not, what if we identified with our own soul and when asked how old we are, responded, “Ageless and so are you.”
I first learned of this wonderful way of responding and in itself a spiritual practice from a dear friend and author of The Choice of Happiness, Sundari Dembe, in my Joyful You 2 Summit earlier this year. I’ve used it since and love it, which is why I’ve shared it with you.

I encourage you to begin to think of yourself and others as ‘ageless,’ thus identifying to the Truth of who you truly are and the power that goes with it.
I’d love to hear how this works for you as you experiment using it. So, please post a comment below and let me know.
Also, imagine feeling lighthearted, joyful and energized each day instead of feeling drained and weighed down by the chaos, negativity and drama in our daily world. If you are an empath, intuitive and highly sensitive to the outside world, you can easily become overwhelmed, exhausted, burned out and depressed. This doesn’t have to be the case, honest. Take it from someone who’s been there and done that and is now able to still be loving and caring without being energetically drained.  

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