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Getting Ready to Get Ready for Change in the New Year!

Happy New Year!!!

A new year automatically brings change and powerful energy as everyone on the planet steps into a brand new cycle, clean slate, and fresh start. This new beginning holds promise, possibilities and impetus for great change.

When many people, especially super sensitive women, think of making a change in their lives, especially a big one like buying a house, moving, retiring, getting a new job, having a baby, retiring, it can freak them out.


Change is scary for the ego part of you for it wants to keep things status quo, safe and in your comfort zone. After all, for someone who is super sensitive, simply living on this planet is often stressful, exhausting and overwhelming, right?

Yet, your heart and soul encourage and actually nudge you to grow, expand and evolve. These require you to step out of your comfort zone, leap into the unknown and change.

Does this mean you should play it safe and avoid change?

I don’t believe that’s possible for as the Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, said, “Change is the only constant in life.” Instead I encourage super sensitive people to make regular small, controlled changes as often as possible in their lives, so they become more used to change. When you do, your whole being gets more relaxed with the unpredictability and feeling of discomfort you experience being out of your comfort zone. Then it’s easier to be more flexible, adjust when changes occur and actually become more and more comfortable being in your discomfort zone.

This is something to strive for because that’s when you’re growing and expanding instead of simply existing or going through the motions of living.

How do you reconcile your ego with the longing in your heart and soul without completely losing it?

You give yourself time to get ready to make the changes you wish to make. You plan, prepare, and create space so the change happens as smoothly and easily as possible. Note in the
examples listed above, each takes time to manifest. This extended time period gives you a chance to get ready – to get ready – to get ready for the change to happen because there’s an
adjustment period before, during and after.

Three Stages of Change:

First stage – Getting ready to . . . get ready to . . . get ready to change. (Yes, I know that’s a lot of repetition). This is when you get the idea or Divine inspiration and think about the possibility of making a change. It’s vague, unclear, a big maybe. In this stage, you try the change on for size, so to speak. How would it feel? You research the change, keep the idea of making this change quiet or only share it with a few trusted friends as it’s still in the vague consideration phase. It’s a big possibility. Some people remain in this stage for several years before they move to the next one.

Example: I’ve wanted to move from densely populated Oakland to somewhere closer to nature for several years. Initially, I looked locally in the East Bay, then northern California. None of these places felt right. So, I put that change on pause and took yoga training and business courses instead. I postponed my desire to move for two years while inside I prepared to move.

Second stage – Getting ready to . . . get ready to change. Here you do everything in the previous stage yet step it up a notch and do more serious research. You ask questions, get
information, visit potential places, attend seminars, interview people, discuss the change with a few more intimate people. You’re still trying the change on for size to see if it’s a fit and
narrowing down your choices to your top ones. The change has shifted from a possibility to a potential change.

Example: I decided places in Oregon might be good. So, I researched several cities there online and talked to folks who lived there. I traveled in southern Oregon and loved it, so this felt like a good potential. Since I wanted a clearer perspective about when and where to move in Oregon, I had a astro-locational reading with a reputable astrologer.

Third Stage – Ready to change. In this stage, you review and analyze the information you’ve gathered, examine your feelings to see how making this change feels in your body. This is extremely important especially for highly sensitive, intuitive people for the answer from your gut, body or intuition is actually more important than what your head/mind is telling you. If it feels right in your gut, then go with the change and commit to making it. Now you are serious about making the change and will need to do any number of things to make this change happen. However, if it doesn’t feel right, it’s better to go back to stage two and do more research.

Example: The astro-locational reading determined the Oregon cities I’d chosen were not a good match for me. Spokane, WA, proved to be an excellent place. With that information, I went through all the stages of change again and tested Spokane. This process took about a year until I visited Spokane and felt it energetically. I decided to move there in mid-October and have been preparing for the actual move in mid-March/April.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be documenting my move to Spokane, so I hope you’ll tune in and share this change with me.

Love & blessings,

P.S. Imagine looking back at the end of 2018 and being so grateful that you allowed yourself to receive the help, support, perspective, encouragement and confidence boost you needed so you could not only manifest what you wish for at this beginning of this New Year, but also shine your brilliant light and be your authentic self in the world. It all starts with having a clear plan and the support you need. I am here for you, but my calendar fills quickly, so email me at to schedule your FREE Joyful Change Success Call this week – – so you are totally prepared for joy, peace, abundance and success in 2018!


  1. Catherine, thank you so much for this post. This is very exciting news for you! Peace and ease of moving to you in the coming weeks. Selfishly, I do hope you continue to do what you do for us, just remotely from now on.

    • Catherine says:

      You’re most welcome, Sue. It is exciting and not to worry, I’ll continue to do what I do simply from another location. I often work on the phone,Zoom and other ways online, so really, I’m not going anywhere. Love & blessings, Catherine

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