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Getting enough Zzzzzzzs? [Video]

Getting enough quality sleep is essential for everyone, especially light workers, intuitive, creatives and those living a spirited life.


Sleep helps us focus, be fully present and have all the energy we need to help others on this planet.

My Divine Friends shared recommendations/suggestions on things to avoid before sleep and beneficial things to do before sleep so you can have sweet dreams every night.

If you need the do’s and don’ts let me know though the video is pretty short.

Click the screen above to watch it.

Love & blessings,


  1. Judy Michel Shumate says:

    Thank you Catherine, love these recommendations. I do most of them, and now I have a few new things to try out. (Although I am usually able to get a good nights sleep, sometimes around a full moon I have restless sleep.) Sleep is very important, thanks for the great reminder.

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