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Energy Tools for Lightworkers 101: Grounding



Energy Tools for Lightworkers 101: GroundingMy brother used to call me many names, but one of his favorites was “space cadet.” Although as a pre-teen I didn’t completely understand why, looking back it makes sense.

You see, I wasn’t grounded in my body, nor did I really want to be in this earth body.

Sound familiar?

As a lightworker (many of you are who are reading this though you may not refer to yourself that way) I suspect it does. You were/are so sensitive to the pain, feelings and thoughts of others, including animals, that you felt uncomfortable being in your body let alone grounded.

Since childhood, lightworkers have been sensitive to their environments and others in it. Often overwhelmed by exposure to what feels unsafe and invasive, they created ways so they didn’t feel the pain.  Daydreaming, fantasizing and going out-of-body are some ways they coped.

But to do the work lightworkers, healers, and holders of the new frequencies on the planet at this time, are here to do, the need to be grounded is more important than ever. It’s especially essential for those following a spiritual path and developing their psychic gifts.

However, many lightworkers are continuously ungrounded, like I was for many years, and don’t even realize it. Here’s a list of symptoms to check yourself:

Feeling spacey or dizzy?

Sensitive to noise or light?

Misplace or lose things?

Forget appointments or double-book yourself?

Bump into things because you weren’t paying attention (this includes driving)?

Find yourself out-of-your-body or wish you could be on another planet?

So how can you as a lightworker be more grounded?

A simple answer might be to be like a tree and shoot our roots, so we can connect to the All. Nobel Laureate Bengali poet and composer, Rabindranath Tagore, said it this way,

“Trees are the earth’s endless effort to speak to the listening heaven.”

Here are some more suggestions to help yourself ground or feel more grounded after meditation, Reiki treatment or massage, activities that tend to connect us to higher realms.

1) Do a brief grounding meditation/visualization daily upon awakening. Close your eyes and imagine your earth and root chakras and the soles of your sending down roots like a tree  into the crystalline center of Mother Gaia. As you feel a connection to Gaia, ask Her to send you Her love, support and keep you grounded throughout the day. Become aware of any sensations coming up your feet and legs and into your whole being.

2) Light a sage stick and trace your aura with it.

3) Walk barefoot on the earth whether in grass, ground, sand or in water.

4) Do yoga, tai chi, qigong in bare feet preferably outdoors, but indoors helps too.

5) Wear grounding gemstones and crystals to help you stay grounded. Kyanite, hematite, smoky quartz, agate, Apache tears, dolomite, and ruby are some grounding stones.

6) Eat grounding foods like nuts and nutbutters, fruits and root vegetables.

7) Work in a garden, pull a few weeds or pick some flowers.

8) Enjoy being grounded, for the more you are, the more present you are able to be.

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Love & blessings,



  1. AJ Rufus says:

    This writeup about lightworkers struck me to the absolute core.

    I have always been interested in what used to be called “psychic phenomena” and is now called “intuition” and “energy work.” I have always admired people such as yourself who have and utilize these intuitive skills. I have never thought myself particularly gifted in this field. BUT….

    I have struggled all my life (that is over fifty years now) with crippling fears, social problems and self-esteem issues. This is largely because I grew up around some intensely depressed, angry people who chose to express their sorrow and rage in my presence, even when I was very small.

    To this day, I am very influenced by the “vibes” of others and often feel overwhelmed by them.

    I have tried so hard for so many years not to be insane, not to be “sucked under.” … In the process, I locked away my true self and it stayed hidden. Talk about un-grounded!

    I am EXACTLY the type you described in your newsletter. A space cadet. Feeling disconnected from my body, which I have hated and experienced as an empty shell. Daydreaming. Sudden “vanishing” — in which I have no contact with my own emotions, and go flat.

    There are many names in psychology for these behaviors. But only recently — having read your post here — has it dawned on me that I might be here for a reason that I never considered before. All I know is that I no longer want to be so afflicted by the pain of others that I lock my true self away.

    Tank you, Catherine, for putting those words out there for me to find. Your “light” has reached someone who needed it.

  2. Catherine says:

    Hi Anneli,

    Of course I remember you.

    I’m so delighted that this particular issue of the newsletter resonated with you. Thank you so much for sharing some of your story and journey with me, it truly was an honor to read it.

    I so relate to your story about your mother. My mother was also a huge challenge for me, I was more the nurturer and sounding board for her, rather than the other way around, and much more that I don’t have time to share now. But I feel your pain and understand how challenging it it to deal with especially as you sort emotions out now that she’s on the other side.

    I know with all my heart you’re a lightworker or you’d never be interested in energy work, intuition, etc and also because of your empathic nature. Many lightworkers have very challenging lifetimes this go-round as it was a way for our soul to evolve and be ready for these times and what is still to come.

    Thank you again for sharing. For many people share the same story and challenges and by being open about them, we help one another.

    All the best,

  3. Catherine, Thank You.
    Thank you for the green and the background and the design and the simplicity of your entry and website. I am struggling!! 🙁 I was NOT into new age information before. My spiritual life and growth, which is massive, has brought many things in I was not expecting. Grounding has been SO difficult, due to fear, etc. Self-care in general, difficult, guilt/fear ridden, due to upbringing.
    Your simple eloquence and simple facts and simple list were SO NEEDED. What I had to hear. When you actually are a really powerful soul, it is not easy to ride on the ground. It is tough! 🙂 I’m sure you get my humor. I believe you know I am not boasting.
    I suffer also from being alone too much and not connected enough to others in a similar place. (much of my growth demanded that, up until now or near future).
    All suggestions and encouragement welcome. :0) Thanks, again. Peace.

    • Hi Marcy,

      I’m sure you’re speaking for many people here. Trust me, I used to feel the same way. It was and sometimes still is tough to be a lightworker on this planet. Good for your and everyone for hanging in there, shining your light, and growing spiritually for that’s why we’re here.

      If you haven’t already done so, please sign up to receive the Guided Change ezine which becomes the blog. That may be one way you can feel connected and less alone, though please know, we are never alone. The Divine are ALWAYS with us and watching over us. Peace, love and blessings to you. Catherine

  4. It’s really a great and helpful piece of info. I am glad that you just shared this helpful info with us.
    Please stay us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

    • Catherine says:

      Thank you. Be grounded is so vitally important, that’s one reason why we have a body and are living on this planet at this time. Blessings

  5. Wow, wonderful blog layout! How long have you been blogging for?

    you made blogging look easy. The overall look of your web site is wonderful, let alone the

  6. It all makes sense now. Ever since I was younger I hated the world and would escape from it thorough art or TV. I have always wanted the world to change and I always like helping people.

    • Catherine says:

      So glad this blog helped you gain some understanding about being a light worker. It may not be an easy ride or journey this life time and yet it’s wonderful because we get to be the change in the world we seek and help others too. Blessings and thanks for your comment.

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