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Energy Tools for Light Workers 101: Protection

Energy Management Tools for Light Workers: Protection“You need to have a thicker skin,” my father used to tell me when I was upset because my brother was being punished or I heard an animal or baby crying.

Like many light workers and empaths, I’m ultra sensitive to the pain or others, but am also sensitive to the energies in a place or room filled with people.

Here are some examples:

– You walk in feeling great, then want to go and hide in a corner, yet don’t understand the reason.

– You’re in a meeting, disagree with something, and are  either afraid to express your opinion if if you do speak up, find yourself being  attacked, criticized or judged.

– As a healer/light worker, by working with clients and their stuff, you pick up energies they’ve released.

    • You work with the public, like I did as a children’s librarian, and some days you’re energetically exhausted by listening to people.

Many times, similar to the situations above, the people you’ve listened to felt great when they left, but you felt  drained, exhausted and dumped on. Sound familiar?

So what can you do as a light worker to support yourself, yet still live in the world.

Use protection. No I’m not referring to condoms, but energetic protection, although the idea is similar in that you use protection first.  By using energetic tools and prayers, you can keep yourself, family, friends, pets, homes, cars, computers, etc. as safe as possible.

Here are my favorite ways to energetically protect yourself and others.

Ask the Divine to protect you for Source is Love and the ultimate protection.

Ask AA Michael to permanently weave the most advanced shielding fiber into your energy field or aura around you.

Visualize a tube or pillar of light around  you that goes down into Mother Gaia and directly up to Source.

Surround yourself or a dear one in blue light or a bubble of Christ light.

Before leaving home, imagine a zipper going up the meridian in the front of your body from your pubic bone to your chin. Zip it up and then imagine locking it with a key. Whenever you feel your energy field is clogged, when alone, unzip your energy zipper, release or blow out the gunk, then rezip and lock.

Be aware when you’re taking on other people’s stuff and psychically return it to them. If you’ve been attuned to the Reiki II symbols, use the Power/Protection Symbol whenever you feel the need for extra protection.

When around negative people and listening to their doom and gloom statements, tell yourself silently to “cancel that,” or “delete that.”

Ask AA Michael to place a golden dome of protection over all you hold dear.

Use or wear gemstones known for their protection capacities including agate, purple sage, labradorite, lepidolite, Libyan gold tectite, quartz, tourmaline, obsidian, etc.

You can combine one or more of these to keep yourself protected, the point is to keep yourself psychically protected at all times. Ultimately though as author, Charles Eisenstein has said,

“Trust your intuition and be guided by love.”

Love & blessings,



  1. Hi my name is jakub I have found out today that iam a light worker if you could send me more information about it that would be great are they like angels that protect the earth and help people because that is how I feel always and who iam

    • Hello Jakub and thank you for your question. How wonderful for you and the world that you recognized you are a light worker. Light workers may do many different things including help other people. If you’d like to get more information about light workers, I recommend you get the book, The Lightworker’s Way by Doreen Virtue.

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