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Does Change Always Have to Feel So Hard?

As you know from the famous quote by Heraclitus, “The only thing that is constant is change.”

How do you feel about change?

While some people get excited and like it, many do not.

Did you know that when you decide to make a change, every one and everything around you feels the ripple effects of your decision?

Yes, even your pets and plants experience the ripple effect of the changes you make. Pet owners who feel strongly connected to their four-legged pets know that their pets pick up on their emotions, including stress and can smell when we’re sick.

Plants do too. Scientist, Daniel Chamovitz studied plants and in an article in Scientific American has shown that some plants see, feel, smell and remember.

In today’s video, I share how I received a money tree from a neighbor who moved at the end of the summer. My neighbor told me that once his family decided to move, the money tree started shedding leaves.


Although I’ve never had a money tree before, I do have lots of plants. I had the plant for about a week and noticed it was still dropping leaves. I was guided to support it. So, I gave it Reiki, talked to it and welcomed it to my home. I felt the money tree really took in Reiki. So, I gave it Reiki several times.

Much to my delight, the money tree has responded and is now growing new shoots, buds and leaves thanks to a little TLC and support.

Change is hard for almost everyone because of the fear of stepping into the unknown, loss of control, uncertainty, surprises, the need to make many decisions, when things are new and different, lots of work, the ripple effects of change, loss, separation, etc.

Having experienced countless changes in life from making changes like moving, career, being an entrepreneur, relationships, loss of dear ones, money, skin cancer, weight loss, depression, etc, etc, etc, and also the little adjustments we make everyday…

I’ve learned two basics about change:

  1. When you hear the quiet voice of your soul telling and encouraging you to make a change in some area of your life… do it. It’s easier to cooperate and collaborate with your soul and the Divine/Universe sooner rather than wait and ignore the guidance we’ve received and have the Universe create the change for us.

  3. Making a change can feel really hard though it feels much easier when you get the support you need. Change is scary and having someone who cares be there with you is huge for they’re there when you need them to encourage you, hold your hand, give you a hug or kick you in the pants (figuratively) or hand you the box of tissues.

Blessings to you in having the courage to choose to make the changes you’d like to make in your life instead of choosing to remain stuck.

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