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Do You Need to Release Stress Fast?

Any time can be a stressful time though the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s can be the most stressful time of all. In addition to our regular daily life, the days and weeks leading up to, including and after the holidays can be tremendously stressful for everyone. That’s why I was guided to create a series of super short videos, about 2 minutes each, yet each containing a simple and effective stress busting tip. 

Tip # 1 – Take Ten Breaths

Yep, that’s it. Research by AIS, The American Institute of Stress, and many other groups has shown that when people, even children are stressed, one “Super Stress Buster” that stimulates our natural relaxation response is breathing. The great thing about breathing is we need to do it anyway. It’s free and we can do it anywhere, anytime. The key though is to bring our awareness, focus or attention to our breath.

Studies have shown that abdominal breathing for 20-30 minutes will reduce anxiety and stress. Isn’t it interesting that 20-30 minutes is often the  recommended time for meditation and how are most people taught to meditate… you got it… by focusing on the breath?

Now, why 10 breaths?


Well, in the middle of a stressful situation, you don’t necessarily have 20-30 minutes to drop everything, sit somewhere and focus on your breath or go meditate. Maybe, that day will come, however, until then, even taking 10 focused breaths can shift your stress levels.

I practice this regularly and it really does work. For example, when I notice stress in a particular spot in my body – left shoulder, jaw or low back are my ‘favorite’ stress indicator spots, I take 10 breaths and consciously breathe into the stressed spot. By the 10th breath, I feel so much better.

I recommend you take 10 breaths where you consciously breathe deeply into your whole belly and chest and consciously exhale all the breath out of your chest and belly. In yoga, it’s sometimes called balloon breath. You can also recall watching a baby breath and the way they naturally breathe deeply and fully in and out.

Once you’ve taken 10 breaths, notice your state. How does your body feel?

After this, I like to imagine white healing light coming into my whole being and filling all the empty spots now that the stress has released with this high vibrational healing light.

That’s it. Super simple and can be done in less than a minute yet the rewards are immeasurable for your body-mind-heart-spirit.

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  1. Judy Michel Shumate says:

    A good reminder about self care, and so easy to do. Thank you Catherine!

  2. very good advice

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