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Do You Know What Your Body Really Wants?

No, I’m not referring to how much food or what foods you eat?

What does your body really need?

Now that you’ve made a commitment and put yourself on your own calendar so you can fill yourself up to overflowing on a daily basis, let’s start with your body.

Do you ask your body each day, what it needs?

I don’t know about you, but this was not something I did unless I had a cold or the flu. Sure, then I’d listen, but the rest of the time, not so much.

Yet, loving ourselves and self care means we do take a moment to check in with our bodies and ask what it needs. Initially, this may seem like a strange question for our heads think we know what we need. However, the body doesn’t lie and it will tell us clearly what it needs when we take the time to ask.

Let’s imagine that you’re dining at a favorite restaurant. When ordering your meal, do you usually order the same one or two entrees or do you check in with your body and ask it to tell you what it would like to eat? 



Here are simple steps to get you started:

1) At a regular time each day, like after your morning shower, at the end of your meditation, etc, close your eyes and tune in or connect with your body.

2) Ask your body, “What do you need?”

3) Listen to what information comes from inside of you… from your body. (This information will make sense to you even if you don’t love the answer. For example, your body may tell you to cut back on your caffeine intake, but your mind tells you that you must have a double espresso daily). 

4) Follow the wisdom of your body. (In the example above, this may mean that you cut back to a single shot a day or whatever other compromise you and your body determine that’s right for your body and you have the energy, peace and calm that serves you each day). Often we’ve become so wired and attached to our habits that we don’t even recognize they aren’t serving us.

5) Create the new habit of doing steps 1-4 everyday. When you ask your body what it needs on a daily basis, you will most likely receive clear responses for the body knows what it needs and doesn’t lie. Some things it might tell you are to get more rest, get a massage or take the time to massage your hands or feet, drink more water, eat more fruits and vegetables, cut down on your caffeine intake or get more exercise. You can go a step further and ask for clarification, suggestions, ideas on how to do what it recommends.

The benefits and beauty of connecting with your body are huge. You’ll find that you feel a deep sense of trust, love, appreciation and gratitude for the gift of your body and value it more and more. As you do this, your body will reciprocate and you’ll find yourself having more energy, vitality and will experience wellness. By loving and listening to your body, you will no longer need to create illness as a way to get in touch with your body, because you are being proactive and connected in advance. 

As you connect with your body and follow what it tells you on a regular basis, you’ll experience a sense of wholeness and peace from the inside out. 

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