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Do You Feel So Lost and Alone, You Just Don’t Give a !@#$?

Sometimes your spirit can feel so lost, alone, hopeless, down or depressed and wonder what’s the point of it all? Who care’s anyway? 

I have. Dark thoughts of suicide entered my mind though I never went so far as to figure out a way or create a plan as to how I might do it. But, when life seemed unbearable, I certainly considered it. Hopeless and in tears when the negativity and energies were so heavy and dark, I’d scream to the Divine and say, “I need you to either help me or take me off this planet!”

Those were rough times and to be honest, I still get moments like that.  Everyone does for that’s called life.


When your spirit feels empty and depleted, it’s because you’ve disconnected from however you label the Divine, God/dess, Source, Creator, Higher Power, All-That-Is. The Divine Ones never disconnect from you and are always there for you. Somehow as part of the human condition and feeling unworthy, undeserving and generally ‘not good enough,’ you learned to pull the plug on your connection to the Divine. Energetically, this can be seen as when this happens, the person’s crown chakra is closed.

The good news is we always have free will and choice and can choose to reconnect. I use this tool on a daily basis and have shared it with hundreds of people that I’ve worked with and it creates an immediate reconnection with the Divine, particularly those Divine Ones that work with you. By your Divine Friends, I’m referring to your Guardian Angel(s), Archangels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Goddesses, Great Beings, Saints and Poet Saints of all times and traditions, Totem animals, Elementals from the Fairy Realm and of course, God/dess.

Here are 5 Super Easy and Super Fast Steps to Call In Your Divine Friends:

  1. Close you eyes and take a deep breath.
  2. See yourself standing in the center of a large space: auditorium, meadow or mountaintop.
  3. Simply call all the Divine Ones that work with you in and ask them to form a circle around you now. 
  4. Let your heart and whole being open and receive all the unconditional love, support, connection, compassion, etc. that you need and that They have for you.
  5. Continue to breathe and receive as long as you need until you feel yourself filled up and fully connected to the Divine.

This simple practice can be done in a second with one breath or for 30 seconds or more. You determine how much time you need.

I love to do this at the beginning of any and every new activity. I imagine it while the phone is ringing when I make a call, turning the key in my car’s ignition, giving a talk or starting a meeting. The possibilities are infinite and feeling this connection to the Divine who are right there, makes life so much easier. You’ll wonder why you haven’t been doing this all along for your life gets easier and easier.  

I’d love to hear how and when you use this tool of Calling in Your Divine Friends. So, comment below and let me know.


  1. i loved this, Catherine, thank you, very helpful

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