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Ascension Circles

Ascension of our Planet(Asking, Allowing, Aligning and Awakening)

A biweekly women’s group where we ask, allow, align and awaken to fifth dimension and higher healing Ascension frequencies.

In these circles, we ask and allow the Divine to align and awaken our whole four-body being to fifth dimension and higher healing Ascension frequencies. At this amazing time on Planet Earth, high frequency energies have come to help everyone awaken and shift to our new reality. We act as anchors for these frequencies in ourselves, Mother Gaia and all humanity. As women and mothers, we hold the co-creative energies of the Divine Feminine. With the support of our spirit guides, divine healing teams and the entire Company of Heaven, we nurture our goddess energy in community with other women as we release the past, heal, and integrate the Ascension energies.

A $25 love donation is appreciated for each session, though if that is a hardship for you, the amount that works for your budget is acceptable and appreciated.

Ascension Circle Donation – $25

Please pre-register for this event by Noon on Tuesday by contacting Catherine.

See Events for the date of the next circle. Biweekly.