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This is a Shocker!!!! [Video with Adult Language]

However you know me, I have a feeling you may be quite shocked by this vlog. To be honest, there’s a part of me that’s still integrating it and yet I know it’s the truth of who I and everyone is. Be prepared... this vlog does contain ‘adult’ language. I rarely curse and hardly ever say the “F-word.” Yet, in this vlog, you’ll find out why it’s now becoming one of my favorite words. Step into your power with me in this vlog.     Be sure to email me … [Read more...]

Shake Up Your Spiritual Practices While on Vacation!

When we’re on vacation, our usual schedule and routine for everything gets tossed out the window. We have flights to catch, places to go, people to meet, and want to make time to just be. This interruption in our routine often affects our spiritual practices too if we let it. In this brief video, I share with you how you can not only meditate, journal etc, while on vacay, but also reset it so when you return home, it and you feel renewed and refreshed.     Leave a comment … [Read more...]

Do You Ever Find Yourself Running on Empty? [Video]

Our lives are so busy these days that before you know it, you can find yourself drained, exhausted and depleted. Do you want to fill yourself up quickly so you feel recharged, have more energy and feel calmer too? In this week’s vlog, I share one of my favorite ways to fill myself up in as little as 5 minutes. Click the screen above to watch it. Love & blessings, Catherine P.S. Imagine if you were to enjoy this summer feeling relaxed, more energized, and connected to … [Read more...]

Getting enough Zzzzzzzs? [Video]

Getting enough quality sleep is essential for everyone, especially light workers, intuitive, creatives and those living a spirited life. Why? Sleep helps us focus, be fully present and have all the energy we need to help others on this planet. My Divine Friends shared recommendations/suggestions on things to avoid before sleep and beneficial things to do before sleep so you can have sweet dreams every night. If you need the do’s and don’ts let me know though the video is pretty … [Read more...]

See the Light!

  In honor of the Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere, my Divine Friends decided They wanted to comment on the beings of light that we are. In this vlog, They shared a practical tip on how to see your own Divine Light (and others too) and encouraged each of us to set the intention to see ourselves, everyone and every situation in our lives through the eyes of love and light that we truly are and then to notice our experiences shift as we go about our … [Read more...]

Do You Want Divine Guidance to Flow? [Video]

Healers, spiritual-preneurs and creatives want ideas and inspiration to flow. My Divine Friends guided me to share this simple yet essential tip with you: Drink water. Every living thing needs water to live, grow and thrive yet for people who want to live a spirited lifestyle drinking plenty of water, evermore than you think, is essential.   … [Read more...]

Shift Overwhelm to Calm in 3 Easy Steps

My Divine Friends guided me to share three simple steps to help you regain a sense of peace and calm whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed, panicked or ready to ‘freak out.”     If you want to use this in some way, the Steps are: 1) Breathe, 2) Focus on the present moment 3) Ask yourself, “What’s one mini-action step you can take?” … [Read more...]

Worried and Anxious About Our Country and the World? [Video]

Are you worried, anxious, concerned about the future of our country and the world? Many people are. In this brief video find out what happened, or didn’t happen, when I interviewed David Hoffmeister, a modern mystic, about this topic for the upcoming Joyful You Summit 2.   5 Tips to Focus Our Intention and Attention During These Changing Times: Breathe - Remember to breathe.   Be in the present moment - Worry, fear, and doubt take us into the future and the … [Read more...]

This Is How to Get Back Into the Flow Now!

Does this end of the year seem more challenging than other years? Are you finding that things are coming up again that you thought you completed already, back in your face? If so, I’ve put together a short video with some tips to help you get back in the flow fast. Click the screen above to listen in... I'd love to support you in making 2017 a fabulous year rather than a repeat of 2016. So email me at and let me know you’d like a complimentary … [Read more...]

Self-Love from a Blade of Grass (Video)

  What can you possibly learn from a blade of grass?   And what does it have to do with Self Love? Watch my video below and find out.     When you love, honor, respect and accept yourself, so many AMAZING possibilities can happen for you.   After you watch the video above, I would love to know what resonated with you about what I shared. How do you scale on Self-Love... 1 - 10 (highest)?   Please share in the comment section below or email me directly at … [Read more...]