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Overwhelmed by Mother Nature?

Wow, Mother Nature has certainly been busy lately with all the extreme weather we’ve had around the globe - two powerful hurricanes, huge earthquake, raging wildfires, floods, record breaking temperatures. As caring, sensitive loving women, we often find ourselves overwhelmed by everything that is happening around us especially when we have no control over it. However, what we do have control over is our response to the overwhelm and instead of focusing on all the ‘bad’ things that are … [Read more...]

How Old Is Your Soul?

Do you know what baseball cards, comic books, Star Wars memorabilia, land, stamps, books, stocks, gold and silver have in common?   Yes, they’re all collectibles and increase in value as they age.   Yet it’s often considered impolite to ask anyone in their middle age, how old they are. In fact, you may be taking your life in your hands.   Kids have the opposite response to the same question. A child under 10 answers specifically, 4 and a half or 7 and three-quarters. Kids can’t wait to be … [Read more...]

How Young Would You Like to Feel?

Do you ever wake up feeling old, tired, even decrepit after you: * worked out super hard the day before? * gardened all day? * over-indulged in food or beverages that you can’t handle like you did in your 20's? * feel more aches, pains and stiffness in your joints/body maybe from an old accident or injury? * look in a mirror and notice another gray hair, wrinkles or gravity doing its thing on your hips, thighs and breasts? How do you feel about getting older? Maybe you don’t mind being … [Read more...]

What’s Really Precious to You?

Who or what do you consider precious, important, essential and valuable in your life that you preserve time, energy and space for? Relationships with your spouse, family, and friends? Your health and body? Money? Spiritual connection with the Divine? Time for yourself to connect, be, reflect, process? Perhaps one of these areas is important to you yet you haven’t been nurturing it lately and you’d like to. In this week’s vlog, I encourage you to schedule as little as a few … [Read more...]

Need a Solution to a Problem? [Video]

Did you know that there’s always more than one solution to a problem or dilemma? This week’s video shares how there are usually many more solutions to a problem then we initially think. Let yourself pause, be creative and think-out-of-the-box and you’ll be surprised at how many more solutions there are. Reply to this post and let me know how this video has helped you.   Hey, I know how hard it can be to get out of that ‘stuck’ place, especially when we’ve been there … [Read more...]

Want More Ease and Flow in Your Life?

How many times have you had a day that you knew from the get-go would be a killer? You know the ones jam-packed with meetings back-to-back, little time for a restroom break and well... forget about lunch. Then, there’s making sure the repairman can get into your house to fix your washer, need to pick up the dry-cleaning because you have to have your favorite suit for a presentation the next day . . .  and on and on and on . . . In this week’s vlog, nature reminded me of how I not only … [Read more...]

There’s Magic Everywhere

Can you think of some times when you walked down the street, hiked in the woods, drove in your car only to sort of shake your head and wonder, “How did I get here?” So often it seems people get caught up thinking about some situation or challenge in their lives and miss the little, special, even magical things there are to see along the way.   In this week’s vlog, come join me in a magical place and see what’s there.     Comment below and tell me about some of the … [Read more...]

This is a Shocker!!!! [Video with Adult Language]

However you know me, I have a feeling you may be quite shocked by this vlog. To be honest, there’s a part of me that’s still integrating it and yet I know it’s the truth of who I and everyone is. Be prepared... this vlog does contain ‘adult’ language. I rarely curse and hardly ever say the “F-word.” Yet, in this vlog, you’ll find out why it’s now becoming one of my favorite words. Step into your power with me in this vlog.     Be sure to email me … [Read more...]

Shake Up Your Spiritual Practices While on Vacation!

When we’re on vacation, our usual schedule and routine for everything gets tossed out the window. We have flights to catch, places to go, people to meet, and want to make time to just be. This interruption in our routine often affects our spiritual practices too if we let it. In this brief video, I share with you how you can not only meditate, journal etc, while on vacay, but also reset it so when you return home, it and you feel renewed and refreshed.     Leave a comment … [Read more...]

Do You Ever Find Yourself Running on Empty? [Video]

Our lives are so busy these days that before you know it, you can find yourself drained, exhausted and depleted. Do you want to fill yourself up quickly so you feel recharged, have more energy and feel calmer too? In this week’s vlog, I share one of my favorite ways to fill myself up in as little as 5 minutes. Click the screen above to watch it. Love & blessings, Catherine P.S. Imagine if you were to enjoy this summer feeling relaxed, more energized, and connected to … [Read more...]