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Getting Ready to Get Ready for Change in the New Year!

Happy New Year!!! A new year automatically brings change and powerful energy as everyone on the planet steps into a brand new cycle, clean slate, and fresh start. This new beginning holds promise, possibilities and impetus for great change. When many people, especially super sensitive women, think of making a change in their lives, especially a big one like buying a house, moving, retiring, getting a new job, having a baby, retiring, it can freak them out. Why? Change is scary for … [Read more...]

Do You Tap Into Drama or Peace?

When something horrible happens in the world or when gossip spreads like wildfire at the office, do you find yourself getting sucked into the drama around you or can you connect to the peace and calm inside? It can be quite challenging to stay calm when the media, friends, co-workers, social media - almost everyone you know and everywhere you turn all you see and hear is people talking about what’s going on, how terrible it is, what’s going to happen, etc. Finding our own inner peace can … [Read more...]

How to Handle Deadline Crunch Times With Ease and Grace!

Lately, I seem to hear how wonderful it is to have the Divine Feminine energies on the planet and that the Divine Masculine energies on the planet was all bad. That is SO not true. However, what I would say is that when you want to accomplish a goal, complete a project whether it’s a painting, a work deadline or mowing the grass, what’s better is to combine the two energies. When you do that, the project flows with ease and grace. Here’s an example: I wanted to write this week’s post … [Read more...]

How to Stop Worrying and Let the Divine Handle It!

Some of you may have noticed my post about participating in the New Living Expo recently. It was such fun to have the opportunity to meet and work with a number of people doing energy healing sessions. A friend recommended I try to participate in the Great San Francisco Crystal Fair this month. So, I contacted the organizer, Jerry, about doing so. He didn’t have any spots  left, but said he’d let me know if something opened up. About a week later, I got an email that three new spots had … [Read more...]

How Do You Climb Out of a Light Worker’s Deep Dark Hole of Despair?

Okay, I know this isn’t a fun topic for sensitive people and light workers to read about, though I promise there is Light at the End of the Tunnel! Has it ever seemed like the Universe is working against you? Let’s say one or more of the following happened to you: - your long term marriage or relationship ended suddenly; - your landlord tells you they’re selling your building and you have to move out of your apartment immediately; - your job, which had been the bright spot in your life, … [Read more...]

Does Setting an Intention Really Work?

In my last post, Why Is Everything So Hard, I recommended that changing your language to the positive helps and it does. So does setting an intention. Now if you’ve set intentions before and they didn’t seem to work, you may want to say forget it and stop reading. Instead, I ask you to let me share a quick example. On the last weekend of April, I had a booth at the Bay Area New Living Expo. This is one of the biggest and oldest expos of its kind and I was super excited and nervous … [Read more...]

Why Is Everything So Hard?

Do you ever make a work project harder than it has to be? Do you make a challenging situation or stressful event even more complicated? Do you overthink a problem hoping to find a solution and instead keep going in circles? When learning something new in a subject that’s typically difficult for you, do you expect it to be hard? I’ll be honest, I do sometimes. I’ve taught classes and given talks about changing negative words and thoughts to the positive. When I speak, I’ve become … [Read more...]

Synchronicity or a Sign? How Do You Know the Divine Are There?

As humans, we can often feel alone, unsure, lost, disconnected, unsupported and abandoned by family, friends, ourselves and even the Divine. Other humans, including those closest to us, can let us down. However, the Divine never do, though from our limited perspective it might seem so. Yet, how do we know the Divine are there for us? They give us signs all the time. When things happen the way we want, we say it’s a coincidence, serendipity or synchronicity instead of understanding that … [Read more...]

We’ve Gotta Speak Out, Show Up, Do Whatever It Takes for the Earth and Our Children!!!

Driving to nearby Walnut Creek, CA to go to a Crystal Fair, I got caught in a traffic jam as people of all ages marched in protest of President Trump’s war on science. Then, as I walked in the park toward the Fair, I watched as kids and parents played with all kinds of science experiments. There were hot air balloons, things with balls, water trays, kites, rocket ships, medical tests that weren’t scary and so much more. Later I asked my Divine Friends why this was event was so … [Read more...]

Everyone Has Hard Times, But This Hurt!

Two days before I was to fly to Key West for a business retreat at the end of March, a new contact lens scratched my left eye. I had two emergency eye doctors appointments, four kinds of eye drops to use and my eye doctor gave me both his and his partners’ cell phone numbers to take with me just in case. My eye wasn’t healing as quickly as expected because the scratch was so severe and it hurt. I’m blessed to have quite a high tolerance for pain, but this pain was different. I didn’t … [Read more...]