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Authentic Radiance and PurposeFULL Life Program

Authentic Radiance Program

Do you feel like sometimes you’re not good enough and just don’t fit in?

Do you feel like you are not able to live the life you REALLY want to?

This is the Simple Secret to Living From Your Authentic Heart

Dear Ones,

I remember when I first started my healing practice, I was so excited because I really wanted to make a difference in people’s lives.

All I Wanted to Do Was Help People Release Their Old Beliefs and Habits and Show Them How They Could Feel Empowered and Live Authentically.

Even though I’d learned a number of tools, deep inside, I didn’t feel good enough, I lacked confidence, was afraid to speak my truth, didn’t always trust my intuition and was unable to set healthy boundaries. I didn’t realize how important it was for me to be grounded in my body or protect my own energy and the space I worked in, so I was frequently spacey, drained and exhausted.

What I didn’t know, was that I took on the sadness and painful energies of people and places around me. I would give over to them and fell into the pattern where I’d deflect the energies by trying to please others. I couldn’t express my needs, didn’t take care of myself or give myself the love and approval I needed.

I even interned at Sesame Street and worked at Walt Disney World, thinking that these “fun places” were the key to helping me find happiness. Like all the other jobs I’d burned out of previously, I burned out there too.

Plus even outside of work, it was so challenging for me to live in this chaotic, negative, hostile world, especially when my own life lacked the joy, love, passion and purpose that I craved.

The bottom line? I wasn’t living the joyful, peaceful, balanced, happy life of my dreams.

That is until I made a discovery (I stumbled upon this solution through years of trial and error and finding out what worked – and what didn’t) and started applying it to my life and my practice.

butterflyAfter that – everything changed.

Just months after implementing this new system, for the first time I felt more joy and peace.

I was able to say ”yes” to myself and “no” to the demands of others.

I took care of my own energy first, so the negative energies and worldly distractions had little impact on my energy or mood.

I learned to give myself the approval, acceptance and love I needed, so I no longer had to seek it from others. I was happy, energized, more present and compassionate when serving others. My coaching practice took off, plus I felt authentic, purposeful and ecstatic to discover that I was a lightworker.

And now  I teach others how they can live their authentic life.

Authentic Radiance and PurposeFULL Life Program

My name is Catherine Walters and I’ve been helping sensitive, caring professionals for over 10 years. In fact, my top clients have found more satisfying positions, are able to communicate their needs, opened to their ‘unique’ gifts and have accomplished countless goals as they learned to love themselves and listen to their inner Higher Self.

I have felt like a new person all day!!! You have to understand that I have been such a wreck and to experience this change in myself is divine, astonishing, a miracle!!! Ease has taken a seat within my heart. You are one of the healers of our time. Something you said today struck a chord within—‘with Ease and under Grace.’ That is so beautiful. Some words are worth holding dear. Rosilyn, Emeryville, CA

I talk to people everyday who want to release their negative blocks and learn to love and be true to themselves and live a life filled with joy, happiness and unique purpose.

They say things like,

  • “I’m afraid to speak up and express my opinion or concerns to my boss, family or spouse, because they discount and criticize everything I say.”
  • “When I dress and apply my make-up, I put on my ‘happy face’ because inside I’m ready to cry.  I’m so depressed.”
  • “I’m so tired of feeling like a fraud and a hypocrite.”
  • “I pretend everything is fine, yet it feels like a part of me is dying inside.”
  • “I stuff myself with snacks and sweets so I can numb the pain I feel inside. “
  • “I quit my job before I was fired, because I felt like a phony going through the motions of being happy to help people, when I was really ready to scream.”
  • “I avoided or ended intimate relationships because I was afraid that if my partner saw the real me, they’d know what a mess I was and realize I’m not lovable.”
  • “I don’t deserve to have the life of my dreams.”

If Any of This Sounds Familiar . . .Please Read On

I want to tell you about an opportunity to become your loving, compassionate, unique Authentic Self in record time.

I’ll tell you more about this virtual program in a moment, but first. . .I want to let you in on a little secret. . .

  • You Don’t Have to Be Perfect,
  • You Don’t Have to Already Love Yourself,
  • You Can Be Clear About Your Purpose,
  • You Deserve to Live Authentically

for you are already perfect, whole, worthy and loved infinitely through Divine Eyes.

Wow, an amazing concept, right?

If you had to be perfect and already know your purpose in order to live authentically – NOBODY would qualify because NO ONE is perfect through human eyes.

Sure, there are those few genetically blessed ones who come close  and some people who’ve done tremendous amounts of inner, release work or who were loved so well as children, that may feel great self love, and some people “know” what their purpose is, but  many would say they still have much to learn and more work to do.

The point is, we are all works in progress as we learn to see ourselves as the Beautiful Beings we are. We wouldn’t be here if this work was already complete.

Many Sensitive Professionals are more aware of who they are, and as their awareness grows, they bring more light, peace and love to themselves and all on the planet.

“Leaders are more powerful role models when they learn than when they teach.”

-Rosabeth Moss Kantor

It really is true. By learning to live as our beautiful Higher Self, we continue to grow authentically and can then model what we’ve learned and integrated to others,

You Don’t Have to Be a Perfect Anything to be Your Authentic, Radiant Self!

Maybe you secretly feel ashamed because you’re not where you want to be as a spiritual being so you feel you can’t be your Authentic, Radiant Self.

Or maybe you’re confident about where you are – so you’re not sure why you need to open to even greater amounts of self love and self worth.

Here’s what’s missing for most Sensitive Professionals . . .

What’s missing is a reliable system that helps you rediscover and reconnect with your authentic self, your power and your unique essence or purpose.

In order to rediscover and reconnect with your Authentic Radiant Self, you need to have a proven system that can help you:

  • Open and expand your heart to greater awareness of your own Self.
  • Help you feel even greater amounts of self love and self worth.
  • Effectively communicate your wisdom.
  • Manage your energy so you aren’t impacted by the energies around you.
  • Release old habits and beliefs that no longer serve you as an Authentic Being of Love.
  • Have tools that help you effectively navigate chaos in human life.
  • Have tools to help you remain in the highest vibrations at all times.
  • Learn to open to, trust and use the guidance from your Authentic Higher Self.
  • Review your human life experiences for clues to the essence of your unique multi-dimensional gifts and purpose.
  • Learn to balance your humanity and Authentic Divine Self in your everyday life.
  • Develop a plan for living your life as your Authentic Radiant Self.

Introducing: Authentic Radiance and PurposeFULL Life Program

Now more than ever, you need a system that shows you step-by-step how to live in Your Authentic Radiance.

Why? Because let’s face it.

There is little support for sensitive professionals in this negative, chaotic, stressful world. Even if you have some coping skills and support, you still need to make sure you have the tools and habits you need to live and remain connected to Your Higher, Authentic Radiant Self.

That’s why I’m so excited to offer this course to you

Authentic Radiance and PurposeFULL Life Program is a monthly LIVE Teleseries That Includes:  2 monthly 90-Minute Live Teleseminar trainings where I personally take you through my entire Authentic Radiance and PurposeFULL Life Program. Every call will change you at a cellular level.

Authentic Radiance and PurposeFULL Life Program

The 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month @ 5:30PM PST

Location: The Comfort of Your Home or Office!

Here’s What We’ll Cover in the Program:

  • How to open and expand your heart to greater awareness of your own Self
  • How to feel greater amounts of self love and self worth
  • How to effectively communicate your wisdom
  • How to manage your energy so you aren’t impacted by energies around you
  • How to release old habits and beliefs that no longer serve you as an Authentic Being of Love
  • How and which tools to use so you effectively navigate the chaos of human life
  • How to help you remain in the highest vibrations at all times
  • How to learn to open to, trust and use the guidance from your Authentic Self
  • How to review your human life experiences for clues to the essence of your unique gifts and purpose
  • How to learn to balance your humanity and Authentic Self in your everyday life.
  • How to develop a plan for living your life as your Authentic Radiant Self.

Here’s What You Get:

  • 2 live 90 minute class calls per month on the first and third Tuesdays. The first call introduces a topic and tools to support you; the second call provides coaching and more practice in using the tools. Each call will be filled with priceless extras including: an Energetic Activation, connection to the energy grid, practical tools to help you live each moment as your Authentic Radiant Self and a Hypnotic Guided Imagery.
  • MP3 recordings of each call, so if you can’t join in live, you can listen at your convenience plus review any classes you like
  • Handouts and templates to use
  • Homeplay to practice the new tools. Plus, if you like, you’ll be assigned a Homeplay Pal that you can connect with at your convenience to support each other during the program.
  • Radiant Monday Messages posted on the private Facebook Page each week that help you deepen, integrate and assimilate the topics, tools and practices.

The value of this program is $2,500. It’s the same program that I charge over $6,000 for my private clients. In fact, just this month I worked with two private clients and taught them this entire system and they paid $6,000 for that one-on-one time. But because I want to help even more professionals live in their Authentic Radiance and Purpose, I am making this program more affordable in a small group virtual setting.

Plus, When You Sign Up Now, You’ll Also Receive the Following Bonuses:

I am going to include the following bonuses because I want you to have EVERYTHING you need to achieve even more success.

  • Bonus #1: Authentic Radiant You Q & A Support Calls

    Value: $350

    At least once every 3 months, I will do a live question and answer call with the group. If you have any questions at all about anything in the program or the tools, here’s your chance to get the answers live from me. I’ll stay on the phone until everyone’s questions are answered. Additional calls will be added if needed.

    We have a lot of new Authentic You members, so it’s a perfect opportunity to get started on the “right foot” and learn as much as you can on how to make this Authentic Radiant You program work for you!

    If you’ve worked with me for awhile now and have any questions, please make sure you attend as well.

  • Bonus #2: Transform Stress and Burn Out and Embrace More Peace, Balance and Joy Every Day!

    Value: $297.00

    Instead of focusing on stress and burn out, this 6 week teleseminar program helps you shift your energy so you can embrace peace, balance and joy. Each class contains energy tools that assist you in your daily life, valuable information on the subconscious mind and how it influences your life and guided hypnotic meditations. Additionally fun homely activities are included that help you integrate new ways of thinking and being so you can easily embrace and experience more peace, balance and joy everyday. This program has a private Facebook Page too that’s separate from the Authentic Radiance group program.

  • Bonus #3: Private Facebook Group Page

    Value: $97.00 per month

    Instead of feeling unsupported and alone, you’ll be invited to join our private Facebook Group page, Becoming Your Authentic Radiance to Manifest Your Dreams, so you can connect with everyone participating in this Authentic Radiance and PurposeFUll Life program. You can visit as much or as little as you like to share your positives, ask questions or encourage and share your insights with others in the group in a safe, intimate and confidential forum. Catherine will visit regularly too.

Catherine, How Much Does It Cost?

The value of this program and all the bonuses is $2500, but I am offering this entire program for a fraction of that for only:

only $582 paid in full


$97 per month for 6 months



Business professionals, whose opinion I value, have encouraged me to charge double this amount, but I have decided not to because I want as many Intuitives, Energy Sensitives and Lightworkers as possible to be able to take advantage of this opportunity to live authentically.

I want you to know the freedom of living the authentic life you’ve dreamt about so you can finally let go of all the human struggles  and remain connected to your Authentic Divine Self.

What could be better than that?

If you’re truly ready to put an easy-to-implement system in place to expand your consciousness, activate your awareness of your Authentic, Radiant Divine Self and live with Purpose in every moment, then now is the time to take action.

When you connect all these energies, you are able to be your Authentic Divine Self on earth, you become part of an unlimited love energy and you utilize that love energy to co-create with the Divine to attract creative solutions to all your life challenges.

If  you’re not sure if you’re ready because your commitment to living in your Authentic Radiance is not yet 100%, then this may not be for you and I totally respect and understand that. I remember being in that place of not knowing with every cell of my being if I wanted to jump in 100% – with both feet to commit to living in the authentic state of Self Love and Self Worth.

But if you are ready, then I strongly recommend grabbing one of these seats now.

100 Percent Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

I’m so confident that you will be more than 100% satisfied with Rediscovering and Reconnecting with Your Authentic Radiant Self Course that I’m providing a money back guarantee.

If after the first two classes you are not satisfied with this program, FOR ANY REASON, you can let me know immediately and you will receive a prompt and courteous “No Questions Asked” full refund.

I know how powerful this hands-on training is when you put it into action and I will be here to support you every step of the way.  I guarantee it! But if for some reason this isn’t for you, you’ll get ALL your money back. Therefore, there is No-Risk for you.

Authentic Radiance and PurposeFULL Life Program

Yes, Catherine, I’m Ready To Attend Your “Authentic Radiance and PurposeFULL Life Program which is a monthly LIVE Teleseries, and Start Living as my Authentic Radiant Self!

I understand I’m going to receive . . .

  • 2 live 90 minute class calls per month.The first call introduces a topic and tools; the second call provides coaching and more practice in using the tools. Each call includes energy activations.
  • MP3 recordings of each call, so if you can’t join in live, you can listen at your convenience plus review any classes you like.
  • Handouts and templates to use
  • Homeplay to practice the new tools with your assigned Homeplay Pal.
  • Radiant Monday Messages on the private Facebook Page each week that help you deepen, integrate and assimilate the topics, tools and practices.
  • Bonus #1: Authentic You Q & A Support Calls  (Value: $350)
  • Bonus #2:  Transform Stress and Burn Out and Embrace More Peace, Balance and Joy Every Day! Teleseries (Value: $297)
  • Bonus #3: Private Facebook Page (Value: $97.00/per month)

Total Value: $2500

100 Percent Satisfaction Guaranteed

Plus I know there’s no risk because of Catherine’s 100% Guarantee.

Mark Your Calendar NOW:

Tuesday evenings @ 5:30PM PST

I understand I will receive online and telephone access to the course plus all the Bonuses mentioned above, a $2500 value.

Save $582 if paid in full


The first 11 people who register for the Authentic Radiance and PurposeFULL Life Program will receive direct email access to me so they can get their questions answered and support needed as soon as possible.

Special Introductory Offer: Save $120 today!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee


If you prefer to pay by check, send payment to: Catherine Walters 5571 Marshall St, Oakland, CA 94608

Get ready to start living your life in love, joy, peace and prosperity as you “be” your authentic radiant self!

To Your Joyful, Peaceful, Loving Authentic Radiant Self!

Catherine Walters
Guided Change

P.S. Keep this in mind – the Bonuses alone are worth signing up for this program. Bonus #2 is especially valuable for it’s going to help you release stress, negativity and future worry so fully, the past and the future will not exist, only the present moment will matter.

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How do I Get Access to the Trainings?

When you sign up, you will receive an emal with detailed instructions and log in information to join the virtual class, as well as contact information if you have any questions.

Will the Event Be Recorded?

Yes, all sessions, including the Bonus sessions, will be recorded so you can listen as many times as you like. So if you have to miss a class to take care of family or business, you’ll be able to review again and again at your convenience.

How Long Will I Have Access to the Recordings of the Event?

You will have online access to the recordings for a minimum of one year!

I am ”Technically Challenged.” Will This Affect My Ability to Successfully Attend the Event?

You do not need any technical skill to attend the event. It is very simple to log on and if you need assistance, we will have people standing by to help you.

What If I Miss the Event?

No problem. Because there are audio recordings for each class, you can get access to it all.


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“I am building a loving relationship with myself which in turn will then help manifest all my dreams and desires because I love myself first and foremost. . . With the fast paced stress of teaching, I look forward to “me time”, loving myself; consequently, I feel more gratitude towards everything in life. “
K McB  Oakland, CA

“THANK you for honoring your gifts and for the path you follow.  I am so blessed to have found you and love who I am, through my experience!”
VC, Castro Valley, CA

”I feel that having a few short hours in your energy field helped me to clear the rest of my fear & holding back that had left me feeling very hesitant to be working on my own behalf & with others. My clairvoyance since that class has been unbelievably ‘available’ to me, more clear and more fluid than ever.”
A L, Canada