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Are You On Your Calendar?

Now that you’ve hopefully given yourself permission to do more self care and fill yourself up, you’re ready for the next step.

Actually doing it.

We can have all the best intentions to do something, however, if we don’t take our commitment to ourselves seriously, the Universe won’t either. That means that all sorts of things can come up, like an unexpected dental appointment, birthday party with gift needed asap, a last minute meeting called, whatever, and your best intentions go by the wayside.

Trust me, I so know this one. I’d plan to do something wonderful for myself, like take a long, luscious bubblebath and then, I’d end up on the phone listening to a friend or working on school work and my bubblebath was forgotten.

Why? Because I didn’t put what I like to call ‘Me-Time’ only calendar. It’s so critical to actually put ourselves in the form of ‘me-time’ or self care on our calendars, otherwise we’ll ‘forget’, put someone else first, do some chore around the house, almost anything. We have to hold the boundary for ourselves and hold ourselves accountable and one of the best ways to do this is to put it on our calendar. In fact, I’ve learned, that what feels really loving and nurturing to me is to put my times and activities for me-time on my calendar FIRST. That way, when I go to schedule something else, whether it’s a session with a client, a meeting, or other commitment, I schedule around my me-time.

Me-time or your time for yourself, whatever you call it, is SACRED. Dictionary meanings of the word ‘sacred’ are: connected with God (yes, you are a Divine), deserving veneration, regarded with great respect and reverence by a particular group or individual. That means you see, treat, love, honor and respect yourself for being the Divine Being of love and light that you are.

And you deserve to treat yourself that way for by doing so, others will treat you that way. Love, respect, acceptance, compassion, all start with ourselves and then others follow.

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Here’s some easy-peezy next steps: 

  1. Get your calendar right now.
  2. Open it to this week and put yourself on it. (Not to worry right now how you’re going to use the time for yourself, simply put your name down. I suspect tons of ideas come to mind. Here’s a prompt… Imagine what you’d love to do if everyone else in your life was away on vacation and you had the house to yourself. What would you love to do that would feel so good?
  3. How much time for you? That’s a personal preference. If you haven’t ever done or rarely take time out for you, then 15-30 minutes may be a good start. The reason to start small is you’re more likely to keep a brief commitment than a longer one and you’ll also feel less guilty doing so.


Imagine taking time every day to fill yourself so you feel full, replenished, excited about your life, your career, your family, your commitments. If instead, when you check your schedule and dread or feel exhausted by your day, before it’s even started, then let’s talk. 

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