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Are You a Lightworker?


Are You a Lightworker?

I ran into an old, spiritual friend recently and was surprised when I used the word “lightworker,” she asked me what I meant. Now this woman has written a book that will soon be published, so it wasn’t that she lacked intelligence. I knew as a fellow writer and communicator, she’s particular about words and wanted to be sure she understood the term. I gave her a brief explanation, but realized that since I’m now focusing this newsletter and the work I do to help lightworkers of all ages, more clarity was probably needed.

To me, a lightworker is simply someone who in their heart feels a commitment to help others grow in love and feels a responsibility to help the earth evolve. Lightworkers can be of any age, gender, nationality and spiritual tradition.  We’re here to spread love, light, joy, peace, laughter, etc.

In her book, The Lightworker’s Way, Doreen Virtue defines lightworkers in this way,

“Lightworkers are those who volunteered, before birth, to help the planet and its population heal from the effects of fear.”

Wow!  Unfortunately when we’re born, we forget our original contract, unique purpose and gifts/abilities. What’s more is we forget that we are divine beings in a body and that everything created is divine.

Before I started waking up and realized I was a lightworker, I felt like I didn’t fit in and wanted to be anywhere else but on this planet. As a child, without realizing it I traveled out of body and also created imaginary fantasy worlds and firends because the world I lived in did not feel like what I signed up for. I was constantly told I was too sensitive.  My siblings claimed I was unique and must be from me another planet. Outside I laughed at their teasing remarks, but inside I felt lost, alone and afraid.

Sound familiar?

It wasn’t until about five years ago when I had an Akashic Records reading, that the reader told me I was a lightworker. It was such a relief when she explained my shock and disappoint as a child when the world I was born into wasn’t ready for the gifts and intelligent wisdom, I’d come to share. Although I felt a deep sense of urgency and wanted to fulfill my soul purpose, I could only continue to grow and mature until the world was ready. This resonated.

Since many of you have probably wondered if you are a lightworker (though chances are high you are if you’re reading this article, I invite you to have fun and take the quiz below.  Some of the criteria come from Virtue’s book while other questions  derived from the experience of myself and other lightworkers.

A Lightworker Quiz

Ask yourself, do you or have you:
* feel called upon to help or heal others?
* help resolve the world’s problem and have ideas on how to do so?
* believe spiritual ways can heal most situations and are drawn to spirituality rather than a particular religion?
* had mystical experiences like premonitions, angelic encounters?
* endured challenging life experiences that destroyed your memory of your divine perfection and wholeness?
* worked on healing yourself as a first step in healing/helping the world?
* feel driven to teach, write or share advice based on your healing experiences?
* know inside you’re here for a higher purpose, even if you’re unclear about what it is?
* feel a sense of urgency as though you needed to get going on your purpose yesterday?
* find yourself sensitive to loud or unexpected noises, smells, energy in a room, violence, etc or have you been told you’re too sensitive?
* no matter how hard you tried to fit into your family, peer group, etc, you still felt like you were different and just didn’t fit?
* even if undeveloped, you can see, hear, sense or feel things or the energy in other people or places?
* know you know something, but somehow you just do?
* know you’re intuitive and find it’s best to trust your intuition and gut feelings for they’re almost always on target and you regret the times when you didn’t trust them?

If you resonated with the definition of a lightworker or answered yes to these questions, you are a lightworker. Congratulations and thank you for the gift you are to the world, though your journey here may not be an easy one.

I received this prayer in an email last week and thought what a great gift to share with you, my fellow lightworkers.

A Lightworker’s Creed


I AM a Lightworker
I awoke so that others may awaken
I learn so that others may also learn
I transform so that others may also transform
I lighten my load so that other may change theirs
I learn to see so that others may also see
I forgave myself so that I may help others to forgive
I love myself so that I can bring out love in others.

I AM a Lightworker
I live to give comfort
I live to shine loving light onto others
I live to heal
I live to give hope
I live for truth
I live to love.

Love & blessings,



  1. I have encountered the word “empath” being used to describe this same type of person.

    Your own childhood experiences of feeling lost and left out are probably very common among members of this “tribe,” and would sadly result in low self-esteem and low confidence. Someone with low self-esteem — who has, as you say, “forgotten the contract” and forgotten about divinity altogether — might find it very difficult to call him- or herself a lightworker, because “lightworker” sounds so monumental and profound. “Empath” might be easier to say.

    • For many years it was easier to call myself an empath or admit I’m a HSP (highly sensitive person) than it was to call myself a lightworker. My weak ego couldn’t handle it, though deep inside I knew there was a reason why I was on this planet. It felt huge and I was afraid to see it, though I longed to. The terms empath and HSP seem to be terms that come from the world of psychology and are great ways to start. It’s true that many/most lightworkers are empaths and HSP, and these are qualities of a lightworker. I agree that calling oneself a “lightworker” may feel monumental and profound, but that may be because we, once again have amnesia and forget we are divine. When we allow ourselves to connect with our Inner Self, Soul, Divine Self and I AM Presence, and begin to remember the purpose that we are here to be lightworkers, wayshowesr, a beacon of light and hope.

  2. Bas Rossel says:

    I really like the prayer and comment you gave catherine.

    I’ve been told that i am a light worker, before i only knew that i use light to created en heal.
    I live in the Netherlands but happen to come acros your blog.
    Thanks for this blog.

    greetz Bas.

    • Catherine says:

      Greetings Bas,

      Thank you for your sweet comments about my blog. Wow, all the way from the Netherlands. That’s so awesome.

      I gear it toward Light workers and Spiritual People, so I hope you had a chance to sign up to receive notification of future blogs. We, light workers, and everyone on planet are experiencing tremendous influx of energies, so be kind to yourself, listen to your own inner self on what you need. This is especially true for those of us who support others in their healing.

      Love & blessings, Catherine

  3. Eliza Jane says:

    What JOY! “YES” to everything! I AM a lightworker! I know the way ahead will be hard because the way behind was even harder. But, for the first time, I see purpose in my life and I’m ready to embrace every challenge. I am not afraid. Thank you for A Lightworker’s Creed. My days will start with this affirmation and acceptance of who I am!

    • Catherine says:

      I’m so delighted for you to recognize yourself as the lightworker you are. The way ahead doesn’t have to be hard for that is an old thinking pattern or habit that can be changed. Yes, there will always be challenges in life, however, we can shift our perspective and see them as blessings or gifts too. Love & blessings, Catherine

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