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About Catherine

Catherine WaltersHi, I’m Catherine,

Spiritual life coach, medium, intuitive, energy healer, mentor and teacher. . . . Passionate about yoga, exercise, zumba dance, nature and hiking! I have known the shame and guilt that comes with wanting to love myself and nurture myself first but not being able to.

As a young woman I vacillated between being overweight and anorexic. I searched for myself and where I fit. I worked in library bibliotherapy, research for Sesame Street, guest relations for Disney, performance and education. I’ve felt “stuck,” stressed to the max, and exhausted to the point of burnout time and again. Later, after working too hard for too many hours, I did burn out, and I resigned from wonderful positions as a school and children’s librarian. I experienced years of back pain and depression. I’ve been totally absorbed in relationships—or chosen to be alone.

Despite years of traditional therapy and self-help books and classes, my negative beliefs and feelings of unworthiness and sadness persisted. Life seemed pointless, and I was tired of being an emotional ping-pong ball. Eventually, I discovered the unique combination of tools that transformed my heart and mind and changed my life—and that I now have the privilege of sharing with my clients: hypnotherapy, Reiki and crystalline DNA energy work, consciousness work, Akashic records readings, yoga, meditation and more.

I opened to the Divine inside myself, and over time and with dedication, I’ve been blessed to release and heal many past hurts and almost stopped my worry habit (I catch myself on this one from time to time). With each day, I experience scintillating magic, incredible unexpected miracles from the Divine, especially the angelic kingdoms, and the amazing joy of deeply fulfilling service.

My passion is guiding women in the world to reconnect with the wisdom of their authentic Heart Self—so you too can nurture Yourself first, change stress into joyful Divine creation, and use YOUR unique gifts to help create a world of love.

Larry Shiva, Catherine's catI now also find myself serving an amazing cat, Larry Shiva.


  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Reiki Master/Instructor
  • Crystalline Energy Healing Training
  • Yoga teacher
  • M.A. Librarianship
  • M.S. Telecommunications
  • Reverend Universal Life Church