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A Proven Way to Release Stress FAST!

A few days ago I spoke with my friend, Jean, and asked how she was doing. She shook her head and said, “Cath, work is crazy-busy. I’m so stressed and my back is hurting again.”

Jean is one of those people who is gorgeous inside and outside, yet she shared with me something I hear again and again from the highly sensitive people in my community: They’re crazy-busy and stressed about work, life and right now, the holidays!

I share this because I realized you have been wanting to not only find ways to release your stress FAST, but also get to the root core as to why you create so much stress and know that if you could just establish consistent daily action, you would be in a much more relaxed and positive place.

That’s why I’ve created this 4-Part Stress Buster Series where I share my favorite and super fast ways to release stress for we all have stress.

In this week’s vlog, I highly recommend that when you’re feeling stressed… get MOVING. Stand up, stretch, shake, dance, jog in place, do jumping jacks, or a little yoga.

I demonstrated a simple warm-up I use in my yoga classes for it not only warms up the body, but it helps release stress do.


How to Safely Do Woodchopper:

  1. Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart.
  2. Bend your knees slightly. (This is very important for everyone, especially when bending forward so you don’t strain your low back).
  3. Clasp your hands together and raise them overhead. Inhale.
  4. Exhale and bring your hands down between your legs in a chopping motion.
  5. As you ‘chop’ make whatever sound wants to come out – could be a sigh, growl, grunt, yell, etc.
  6. Repeat up to 10 times.
  7. Let yourself hang with your head down a few moments after your last chop and then with knees still slightly bent, come up to standing and notice how you feel.

Let me know how this works for you.

Imagine if you went INTO this holiday season, already feeling less stressed, have a clearer understanding of how sensitive you are and some ways to manage other people’s energy as you attend fun yet ‘not so fun for they can be overwhelming to sensitive you’ with your family and friends! I’m here for you and am happy to offer you a free Joyful Change Discovery Session. Email me at and let me know you you want to chat before my calendar fills up.

I can’t wait to chat with you. Sending you a big hug!

Love & blessings,


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